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Shuqba - شقبه : فريق شقبا لكرة القدم
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Shuqba - شقبه : فريق شقبا لكرة القدم

Posted by bilal yahya shalash Uploaded on December 1, 2008
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Posted by راسم احمد الشقباوي on June 2, 2009 #79109

منورين شباب منتخبنا الشقباوي ... اتمنى لكم مزيدا من التقدم والنجاح مع تحياتي لأسرة نادي شقباوالقائين عليه .
Posted by together on December 12, 2008 #59487

guys where is talha??? we are missing him.haha
Posted by together on December 12, 2008 #59484

hello guys, how is everyone doing???
i really do miss the good days with you all. i hope that we will meet again soon. you men take care.