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Surda - سرده : Surda Dabkah

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כדי לתרגם עברית
Posted by AH on October 9, 2007
8 min 3 sec
Guys from the Surda doing dabcha!!! This is what I call REAL dabcha!!! ENJOY

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Posted by adeb surdawee on April 14, 2010 #109625

allah maakum my home town boyes you are the best.
Posted by Rasheed AbuHamda on January 19, 2010 #101322

I'm so very poroud to be Palestinian just watching these amazing guys doing the real lovely palestinian art of Dabke, keep it up guys you are really fantastic and i'm speechless.
Posted by ابراهيم on February 10, 2009 #67161

الله يحيي هالشباب و ينفع وطنهم فيهم
Posted by Dyrabani on January 10, 2009 #63027

Well...for those who who have the illusion that the Palestinians will just disappear I say...look at this site..look at these young we look like a nation who would ever die? chance

Long live Palestine...the people of Palestine...and the beauty of Palestine.
Posted by Silwadi on May 17, 2008 #38442

amazing .. Real dabcha
yes3ed allah ...
Posted by Manal Taha on May 13, 2008 #37875

hey guys ..who's wedding night is this....
we should have Dabkeh group in surda.... we had one long time ago ... mbrooch
Posted by pali_priincess on April 20, 2008 #35344

al7mdulillah everything is fine - thanks for asking!
are you one of the boys from the dabke?

best regards
Posted by jnabali on April 10, 2008 #34254

miss talking to you Things are working well for me what about you?
Posted by Jumana Nabali on March 22, 2008 #32474


msha2allah shabab - allah y3teeku al 3afye - thats a very good dabke - very nice!
I would really like to see more ;D
I am very proud of my palestinian brothers from surda ^^
Posted by Bazzar on February 13, 2008 #29070

nahhh man its aiight im glad u liked our dabcha hopfully we always be able to satisfy our fans ;-)
Posted by AH on January 27, 2008 #28072

Yeah, lol you guys are good, I hope you don't mind that I posted it... youtube is my main service!!!
Posted by Bazzar on January 27, 2008 #28039

heyyyyyyy thats us in the video damn were good