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Surda - سرده : surfing
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Surda - سرده : surfing

Posted by Amer Taha Uploaded on May 25, 2008
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Posted by Amer Taha on March 28, 2009 #72320

when, I found this website, It was a year ago after midnight, I hated to wake Abdallah up to ask for permission to post those picture. I should have waited till the morning, but I know I would have forgotten. I was just so jealous of everyone else, i wanted more photos for Surda by any mean. But now i made agreement with Abdallah, I will delete them and he will post them all over again. sorry :(
Posted by Amer Taha on March 28, 2009 #72318

your house looks great from Here
Posted by Abdallah Taha on March 26, 2009 #72141

This picture was taken by Abdallah Taha in July 2007.