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Tall al-Za'atr R.C. /Destroyed - مخيّم تلّ الزعتر/مدمّر : Massacre Aftermath
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Tall al-Za'atr R.C. /Destroyed - مخيّم تلّ الزعتر/مدمّر : Massacre Aftermath

Posted by الحكيم Uploaded on May 13, 2007
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Posted by Za'tari on October 2, 2010 #122748

This is at the department of motor vehicles (Nafa'ah)in Dekwanih,next to the Hotelier academy ( al madrasah al funduqiyah )if you look carefully at the photo you would see more people are inside the fenced parking lot , this family is waiting for one of the dump trucks that were used to transport the Camp inhabitants who survived the night to west Beirut,this detention site was under the nominal control of " Al Bash Maroon" at this site gunmen throughout the night systematically came by and took away males age 13 and up never to come back.