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Tall al-Za'atr R.C. /Destroyed - مخيّم تلّ الزعتر/مدمّر : tall al zaatar
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Tall al-Za'atr R.C. /Destroyed - مخيّم تلّ الزعتر/مدمّر : tall al zaatar

Posted by issam mattar Uploaded on April 9, 2010
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Posted by iss0a on October 3, 2010 #122796

The attack was a three pronged affair on the outer perimeter of the camp with the Guardians on the Dautzigian front, the Ahrar Tigers on the Gervais front and the Tanzim attacking Tallet el mir. The attackers encountered heavy resistance and although the Guardian of the Cedars objectives on the Dautzigian front were reached, the progress of the Ahrar and the Tanzim was slow and so resulted in the Guardians being pinned down by Palestinian positions that the Ahrar and the Tanzim should have taken on the Gervais and Tallet el mir fronts. Enforcements where rushed to the Ahrar and Tanzim and by nightfall all the objectives on the outer perimeter of the camp had been reached and secured. Further advances proved difficult due to the impressive ability of the defenders of the camp and cover fire from nearby Nabaa and Jisr al Basha both of which were still under assault.
Posted by Za'tari on October 2, 2010 #122746

This photo is not from Tall al-Za'tar