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Tammun - طمّون : طمون بعدسة ثائر بني عودة <ابو سليم>
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Tammun - طمّون : طمون بعدسة ثائر بني عودة <ابو سليم>

Posted by ثائر بني عودة Uploaded on March 29, 2008
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Posted by arafat bsharat on June 8, 2010 #114849

صور حلوة كثير ..زروعة في الجمال سبحان الله
Posted by Abu Ali on November 25, 2009 #96129

Tammun is the village of chllanges in which our grandfathers and our fathres have been struggling long ago to acheive the aspirations of their childern. Therefor I cordially invite u to see the greatness of the fortified castle closely
Posted by الطموني on May 9, 2009 #76616

يا خوان تفضلو زورو منتديات شباب طمون

نرجو منكم التفاعل
Posted by Imad Bsharat on December 16, 2008 #60119

Hi all my relatives,

I always dreamed of visiting, specially been born and lived away of my homeland
Palestine. I love you the land of my forefathers, and you will always be in my mind.
I am extremely impressed with this web site, and your precious efforts.

Imad Abd Allah Abu-Tous