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Tulkarm - طولكرم : taneeb group

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כדי לתרגם עברית
Posted by جمال فاخوري on October 14, 2010
history of taneeb group

In 1936 Taneeb bus company was established by Haj.Fakhri Saleem Odih Taneeb providing services between the palestinian cities and jordan , since then the company has started to extend its srvices lines and fleet. the company has now 47 buses serve more than 60% of the population of the west bank , relying on public commetment, society and employees trust despite all the ecomomical and political difficulties we've been through.

Later in 1972 Taneeb Block Factory was established to produce top quality cement products using our own manufactred bricks machine in our own technical workshop which is provided with most advanced technical electronic equipments to produce light and heavy duty products, the factory has got international and local quality degrees, and since the demand on our well known products has rised we've had to expand our producability into 4 product lines and a cracker both in nablis and tulkarm so that to save effort, cost and guarantee quantity and quality.

In 1995 Taneeb Travel and tourism company and Taneeb for Hajj and Omra company were established as an extention to the services provided by Taneeb bus company. since then the community letteraly relies on the several services and travelling arrangments served by theses tow companies, including internal and external, individual and groups trips, and many more several services , Taneeb for Hajj and Omra company serves the pilgrims since the earlier fifty's, the group has later found Taneeb for touristic transportation company to specialize in serving and transporting pilgrims and touristic groups in and out side palestine.

most recently the group has founded the Fakhri Taneeb trading company in tunisia to specialize global and arabic trade.

The group is always in standby situation with a high competitive ability to provide it's several commercial services worldwide.

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