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Yabrud - يبرود : تراث يبرود الحوش
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Yabrud - يبرود : تراث يبرود الحوش

Posted by انس دار مشارقة Uploaded on January 28, 2011
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Posted by munir yasin on November 30, 2011 #139882

this is house of mohammad hasan yasin or abu wajeeh and he is my uncle you see this crack in the building it happened from strong earth quake it happened more than 160 years ago and my uncle was living there till his death in the year 1980 or so he was around 90 years old ,regard the building is cracked from the west and the south side it was and still in good strong structures that means our ansisters were good engineers and builders.
Posted by انس دار مشارقة on January 29, 2011 #129782

نوعدكم انشاء الله بكل جديد