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Zayta - زيتا : بلدية زيتا
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Zayta - زيتا : بلدية زيتا

Posted by ابو خليل Uploaded on December 28, 2007
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Posted by خالد قاسم on October 19, 2008 #55136

me too i like to thank you so much eyad abu khalil for your efforts and also for every one posted any pic. for zeita
i also like to welcome you mr.snowman and i like to invite all of zeita sons to share us in zeita group using facebook web site by writing
زيتا -طولكرم -فلسطين
in the search box
many thanks for all
Posted by snowman on February 8, 2008 #28760

Thank you for showing me my town Zayta which I've never seen it before .............I was born in Kuwait i live in the USA
I'm 32 years old i don't know nothing about my town, my dad use to talk about Zayta all the time .........But i felt a strange feeling when i saw the pictures I felt simply That I HAVE A HOME like everyone in this world Thank you,

Mahmoud Fakhri Eid AL Zaytawi .......
Kansas, USA