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'Abud - عابود : عند الغروب
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'Abud - عابود : عند الغروب

Posted by peter saleh Uploaded on May 24, 2007
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Posted by حنان on January 13, 2011 #129053

عابود ام الدنيا......... انا بنت عابود و جدا فخورة ببلدي
Posted by Rajee Barghouthy on August 4, 2009 #85192

سبحان الله
كبيره يا عابود
Posted by عابودي on March 9, 2008 #31072

عابود اني قد اعتقت قافيتي في وصف حسنك وخانتني كلماتي
Posted by ghadir on November 11, 2007 #23327

the picture of the sunset was so pretty who ever took this picture did a nice job