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'Ajja - عجّه : Ajah is in my heart؟؟؟؟؟؟.

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כדי לתרגם עברית
Posted by feras Al-Salem on June 3, 2008
Ajah is one of the Palestinian villages that considered as a semi city.

It is located to the SW of Jinin city (the capital northern west bank).

The distance between Ajah and Jenin is about 19 km. Ajah is located on

the main road that connects Jinin with Nablus. Nablus is 35 km to south

of Ajah. Ajah is considered as one of the fastest villages in development

in terms of economy and urban planning. The population of Ajah has been

increased by 10 times more (these days) when compared with population of

1922. The religion of Ajah population is Islam. Most of its families are

originally referenced to a one big family called Qasim Suleiman. Ajah

also has some families that are not originally from Ajah and other

families that are originally from Ajah but not related to Qasim Suleiman.

Ajah has 13 families which are:

The Qasim Suleiman Families which are:
1. Al-Salem (the most educated family)
2. Mahmoud.
3. Abdul Allah
4. al-Qasim.
5. Abdul Jawad.
6. Ibraheem.
7. Salama.
8. Husain.
9. Saleh

Other families:
10. Khalifa.
11. Emrieh.
12. Mu؟ali
13. Shehadeh

Some of Ajah population is in Joradan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait,

Qater, Oman Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, USA, UK, Germany and other parts of

the world. According the latest statistics, the number of people of Ajah

in the world is almost equal to those in Ajah.

This article is written by Feras Al-Salem
Civil Engineer.
Living in UAE.

For further Information, you can contact me via:

Mobile: +971 50 7265671 or +971 55 8740764

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Posted by muhammad ma'ali on October 30, 2009 #93484

It's Ma'ali not Mu?ali, there is a difference; the world maali means something of high status but Mu?ali is someone who think of himself as superior to others which if true of a person then he is stupid to think that way. And if you could back up or cite your post it would be more helpful and professional.


Posted by feras Al-Salem on August 27, 2008 #50407

To whome it may concern...............

I went over the article I wrote and I didn't mean to insult any family, so please, don't understand it in a wrongly.

when I wrote (the most educated family) which made people mad on me, I was targeting quality then quantity and i mean it and I'm proud of it.

I'll be happy if all of you can write about your families without any insult to others.

this is an apology to all people who (understood) me wrongly