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'Ajjul - عجّول : عين عجول الجميلة
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'Ajjul - عجّول : عين عجول الجميلة

Posted by اسيد مخالفة Uploaded on March 4, 2009
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Posted by Da'ad Musleh on December 9, 2010 #127423

Alot of thanks to Oseid for his efforts ,he always tries to show us what is going on and how our village is developing
But why i saw in this photo means nothing except neglegance of this fantastic place that had supplied the village with drinking water from ancient time till now,and of oue vegetables depend on it .so it needs to be taken care of and kept clean and beautiful
Posted by palstine on December 25, 2009 #98912

its so bad ;this place need fix after that its will be good but some people dont care;; before many years ago this place was nicer than this time
Posted by manas on June 4, 2009 #79253

ooo i remember that place!! I use to go there when i was 9 it was awsome!!