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'Arrana - عرّانه : ARRANA, my heart

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כדי לתרגם עברית
Posted by HAYKAL on December 14, 2009
Arrana, the wonderful in the world, I have been everywhere, but what Arrana is , I have,nt remember and I'll remember. I know that the people are not the people but the land always is the land. Arrana : the top, the juice, the hope where ever are we. I know that, I'll be there, it is only time, if I'll be, so my son or daughter will be there. I haven't forgetten any Jenien, Arrana, Jalama, Der Ghazala, Arabounah, or Sandala- my love and Mokebleh- it is my country- My country. OH Arrana, Al- Mazarar, sahel ben Amer, ..... You are in the heart in the heart in the heart.

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Posted by Saleh alomari alomari on January 1, 2010 #99635

Dear Mr. Haykal,
Since how long haven؟t you been there? i still remember you when you came about 14 years ago, you are grandmother (Aisha) grandson, isn't? i believe that if you come over there you will be shocked, i wonder what such things might disappoint people coming back from overseas, since somethings still happening could blight upon our ambition but we have to transgress those borders to embrace back our childhood in the stolen land. Hopefully i will be there by March or April, and believe me when i tell you that i long for arrana cemetery cause there i played and hang out with my friends, also till now it did not show big change from what i used to see, take care of your self.