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'Arrana - عرّانه : صور من عرانة 2
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'Arrana - عرّانه : صور من عرانة 2

Posted by Naim Hanani Uploaded on November 9, 2008
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Posted by Osama Nabeel Khaldy on June 23, 2011 #135593

كيفك عمو هيكل , هاي الصورة لمنطقة بين دار احمد الحامد وامجد العمري , واحلى تحية لآل الخالدي
Posted by usa on May 21, 2010 #113085

you guys couldn't lean to the right a little so i can see our house

i miss arraneh welle feha
Posted by نزال نزال on January 13, 2010 #100691

احلى عرانه واحلى اهل والله الله يديمكم يا اهل عرانه
Posted by Saleh alomari alomari on August 9, 2009 #85684

Allah bless you uncle abu abdollah, may Allah bless you with your faithful work in Donia and your good rewards in Akhera. This place always reminds me of him, he always give peace upon all people passing around his house, the house where his invocations to Allah still bring blesses to the tenants surrounding the place.
Posted by palestino on July 27, 2009 #84441

منور يا محمود و الله انك وردة الحارة
Posted by عمرية وافتخر عمري on June 9, 2009 #79797

aha allh 3la 3rane
lk meen ma b7bha
bjd jmalha roo3a
yla an sha2a allh ll27sn
y36ek al3afe ya n3eem
Posted by جهاد العمري on May 23, 2009 #77944

احلا ناس واحلا حسين والله انك امنور المنطقه على راسي واحلا تحيه ياكبير مني ومن الصين العظيم /اخوك جهاد العمري/ والله منورين
Posted by Naim Hanani on May 20, 2009 #77713

Hala Mr Haykal. this is opposite to girls school st. this view for Ahmad Alhamed and Ahmad Alyosef and Zakariya in the last ( top )
Posted by HAYKAL on May 20, 2009 #77678

please, I,am from Arraneh. What is this part of Arraneh