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'Asira al-Shamaliya - عصيره الشماليّه : Historical Periods that the Asira went through

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כדי לתרגם עברית
Posted by Abdullah Abu Asbeh on February 4, 2007
Here is a summary of modern authorities up to the recent Municipality Council, divided into four periods as follows :
I-First Period :Before 1964 A local committee, of the Mukhtar and notables affiliated to large clans , used to facilitate inhabitants' life and overcome conflicts. The Mukhtar played the role of cooperator between citizens and the legal authorities then.
II-Second Period :1964-1975 The first local council was established in 1964, opened officially in 1965 by Nablus Governorate then. The council consisted of ( 14) members affiliating to local clans. They were: Council Chairman ( the Mukhtar) : Ibrahim Darwish Clan No. of members Sharaqa 3 Swalha 2 Al Yaseen 3 Shuli 2 Hamadneh 1 Jarar'a 1 Mr Ibrahim Darwish was appointed as Council Chairman After his former .In 1967, the year of Palestine's crisis, the late Hussein Isa Swalha became the Head till 1975.
III-The Third Period : 1975-1994 A local Council of (11) was elected, headed by Mr Jawdat Swalha , followed by his deputy late Hussein Isa in 1988.The most significant output then was the 1993 accord with Nablus Municipality to supply North Asira with electricity and water .
IV-The Fourth Period : Early 1995 Winds of changes started to blow with the newly born Palestinian Authority. In 1994 a set of Asira notables tackled the work of the local council. It was agreed to form a committee from local clans to assist the council operating .A (14) member committee signed a document to work side by side with the council for the best of their home town. Things went on till the mentioned committee was upgraded by the Ministry of Local Government ( resolution No. D/987), as Local Council , which worked hard to serve inhabitants and carried out a set of projects. In 30/4/1997, North asira Municipality was announced publicly in the presence of H.E.Dr.Saeb Orayqat , Minister of Local Government. The municipal council consisted of the local council members .On 5/4/1997 the following council members were elected : 1- Mr As'ad M.As'ad Swalmeh ( Chairman). 2- Mr Tawfiq Mas'oud Yaseen ( Vice-Chairman) 3- Mr Shahada M.Jawabreh ( Secretary) 4- Mr Fu'ad M.Rashad Swalha Treasurer)

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Posted by Sharif on August 6, 2008 #48364

To My Friend Abdallah Abu Asbeh,please try to get the book of Dr.Yousif Salim Al-Shwehat in Amman and read it carefully,because as I remember I gave this book to my friends Shawqi,Dentist Zouhair,I think they made a copy for that book.Try also to login on face book and look for Al-Uzaizat Tribes in Madaba.Contact me on my above email .Thank You Sharif Mansour Abdallah Al-Sawalha - Jerusalem
Posted by Yazid Hamadneh on February 8, 2007 #13651

The correct year of Palestinian crisis is 1967 not 1767 as mentioned. The late Hussein Isa Sawalha. is not correct it must be : The late Mahmoud Husseien Isa Sawalmeh