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'Asira al-Shamaliya - عصيره الشماليّه : Economy and Resources

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כדי לתרגם עברית
Posted by Abdullah Abu Asbeh on February 4, 2007
*Farming *Trade and Industry * Local Jobs *Abroad Jobs. Agriculture Olives crop is the main resource .In the past all people worked in agriculture .They grew grains ,made use of every spot. After (1967) crisis ,many of them immigrated to Jordan, some were employed, very few worked in planting. Agricultural Statistics (1998/1999) (A current statistic of fruitful trees is not available) -Total Area (29442 dunums) - Fertile Area(22597 dunums) -Utilized Area (17897 dunums) - Woods (119 dunums) - Open Pastures (11011 dunums) Agricultural Machines Machine Number Tractor 17 Trolls 7 Water Tanks 7 Containers 8 Ploughs 16 Grain Thresher 2 Olive press 3( half automatic) Trade & Industry Trade comes first in the ladder of jobs, followed by industry , then agriculture. A number of serving factories are found in Asira , such as: -stone quarry (2) , south Asira - block factory -Randi Plast Factory for plastic and ads. - a nylon factory -coffee beans mill(2) A large sector of Asira inhabitants work inside their homeland in two domains: * free work *employments: either in official sector( in ministries, state departments؟) or the private one (foundations ,companies, banks ؟etc) * Working Abroad: As mentioned before,(4000) people live outside Palestine. They have various certificates and jobs as well. Some can come back with a permission, others can't.

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