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'Askar - عسكر : حارة العين وسط عسكر البلد
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'Askar - عسكر : حارة العين وسط عسكر البلد

Posted by عبدالحكيم دويكات Uploaded on June 8, 2008
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Posted by عمر دويكات on May 16, 2010 #112604

احلى صورة شفت بيتي فيها
Posted by الاعلامي on May 14, 2009 #77133

والله احلى بلد وما في متلها...... بلدنا كلها عراقة وتاريخ .. يارب احفظها.
Posted by maen younes dwaikat on March 17, 2009 #71055

يسكن قريه عسكر البلد مجموعه من العائلات التي تنتمي الى عشيره الدويكات كغيرها من القرى المحيطه بهامنا ال يونس وال نصار وال ابوعيشه وتشتهر قريتنا بنبع مائها العذب والذي طالما نسجت حوله الحكايات التاريخيه عن عظماء التاريخ الذين مروا بها
شكر خاص للدكتور سامح يونس على النبذة التي طرحها عن أصل اسم عسكر البلد
Posted by salam on October 7, 2008 #54000

ورد في الانجيل ما نصه :" فوصل إلى بلدة فيها , تدعى سخار, قريبة من الأرض اتي وهبها يعقوب لابنه يوسف حيث بئر يعقوب , ولما كان يسوع قد تعب من السفر , جلس على حافة البئر , وكانت الساعة حوالي السادسة , وجاءت امرأة سامرية إلى البئر لتأخذ ماء , فقال لها يسوع "اسقيني".يوحنا4 : 5 - 8.
The Bible say's:"Jesus Christ reached a village called Sochar near the land which was denoted to the prophet Joseph by his father , jacob, .Jesus was tired from his journey.He sat near the edge of the well. Asamerian women came to the well to have water. Jesus saied :" Iwant to drink".John 4:5 -8.
Posted by sam on July 2, 2008 #44516

Askar AL-bALAD, The NAME:
There are several narrative stories have been saied about the name of Asker village, and we will mention some of them .First, and more importently is that the village has been named Asker after the name of the armed forces of the muslem sultan Sallah AL-Deen AL- Al-Ayouby who attacked the crusidian fort which is located at the top of Jerzeem moutain near Nablus city .And as it is known, the word (Asker)in Arabic language means militery troops in English language, and for this reason ,the area was named because of Sallah Alldeen's millitery troops camped in it.And what supports this idea is that the village has a natural water spring which comes from the the nearest mountain,named Ebbal, and flows hnto the agricultural fields named Asker field ( Sahel Asker).Secondly,and this is a weak narrative story saied that the area was named Asker due to the Turkish militery camp during the Islamic Khelafafah which has been vanished by the British invasion to Palestine and the Middle East.Moreover, Asker villagen has gained its importance from the water resorce it has.HAJ Sodqi Abdullah Khaleel who is now aged 100 years old and more says that the people from Beeta village used to come to Asker to caltivate the agricultural lands near the village ."The water spring ( Een Asker)was the main reason for the farmers to settle down and establish the village " Haj Sodqi added.
Posted by Ahmed-Radi-Alshaikhibrahim on July 1, 2008 #44404

مشكور كتير أخي على هالصوره عن جد حركت مشاعري
وأنا ما بنسى عسكر واهلها الطيبين والايام الحلوه الي عشتها هناك
مشكور على مجهودك والله يقويك عشان تأتينا بالمزيد من الصور
أحمد الشيخ
Posted by Abdul salam on July 1, 2008 #44370

It is of my pleasure to see the old photoes of my village home in which I was born .I cnseder my village as aparadease on the earth and Iam at these days trying to gather alot of historecal information from various rasorses in order to publish abook or a study about the history of Asker AL- Ballad to be a referances for the next generations to benefit from.