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'Askar R.C. - مخيّم عسكر : Some where inside the camp
Help us identify the direction, places, people,...etc. in this picture? Post your comment (2 comments)
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'Askar R.C. - مخيّم عسكر : Some where inside the camp

  Uploaded on January 17, 2007

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Posted by علي on October 31, 2007 #22637

هذه الصورة في مخيم عسكر الجديد في حارة مقابلة لمسجد الهدى في نصف المخيم اما الاطفال اتوقع من بيت المسيمي
Posted by Shawn on March 20, 2007 #14506

I don't know where in Askar this is but I DO know that this is my photo... I don't mind you using it, especially when you're using it to expose the issues in Palestine, but please make an effort to let me know you're using it. Original photo here:

Keep up the good work...