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'Awarta - عورتا : المسجد القديم-رامي قواريق 0598597506
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'Awarta - عورتا : المسجد القديم-رامي قواريق 0598597506

Posted by ابو النور قواريق Uploaded on May 18, 2008
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Posted by ربى on March 9, 2010 #105915

عيون الماء في عورتا كثيرة ولا يوجد لها اي صور
ارجو تصويرها وتزويدنا بها للاهميةوللتعرف عليها شاكرين لكم اهتمامكم ببلادنا الحبيبة
Posted by Sana Awartani-Tibi on June 8, 2008 #41242

It's amazing how technology can narrow distances and move you emotionally. I try whenever I can, or allowed, to visit my ancestors' home town, Awarta. No matter where I travel East or West through out this whole world, I never feel any place as a home as I do when I visit Awarta. To me, its soil, its smell, old houses and its stone oven are really truely the meaning of authenticity.
I would like to applaud whoever was behind this idea to make it materialized. I would also like to thank so very much those who took these pictures because they tried to grasp the essence of the place. Now I can show my children and my international friends what I have been attempting to describe. All my gratitude.