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Posted by غريب on February 1, 2010 #102425

الى كل الشرفاء في محافظة رام الله و البيرة و اللواء
باسم اهالي رمون عامة و مغتربي البلدة و خصوصا في الاردن و دول الخليج و امريكا و باسم اصحاب الاراضي المتضررة و باسم كل رموني اصيل نرفض هذا المشروع الذي سيدمر بلدتنا الجميلة و يجعلهاجبل من القمامه .... ادعوا باسمكم جميعا و استصرخكم للوقوف ضد هذا المشروع وضد من هم قائمون عليه و ضد من يقول في الاجتماعات الخارجية بان اهل رمون مع هذا المشروع.( مشروع مكب رمون للنفايات )
Posted by birawiinflorida on February 8, 2008 #28776

nice work..incidentally during my last visit to my beloved city al-bireh i took a couple of photos which are identical to some photos u have here (similar angle)....but one would expect more photos with some variation depicting the rich history of this great city....bas yallah good work nonetheless :)
Posted by shadia askar on December 15, 2007 #25330

My name is Shadia and my roots trace back to AL-BIRA. I attended school there for 3 yrs at al-ordineah american school.
Posted by Norbert Vass on November 1, 2007 #22688

My name is Vass Norbert. I am 25 years old, and I live in Romania. I am the son of a man, who came from the town of al-Bira. His name is (excuse my miss-spelling) Mohamed Musa Nimer, and he studied medicine in Romania until the year 1982. That is also my birth year. He left this country right before I was born, and then he didn't come back anymore. I think it is time, I would start searching for him in the world. If someone could help me, please do, I would appreciate that very much. I only want to find him, and to talk to him, I just want to get to know him... Nothing more. if someone from your organization could help me, please do. please answer to the following email adress: Thank you for your answer. Norbert Vass, Cluj Napoca, Romania
Posted by S@M on January 18, 2007 #12588

تحية للاخوان في ارض الجهاد انا ابحث عن اصدقائي جمال سلوم وهاني يونس عطالله زملاء الدراسة في لندن