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al-Jaleel/Wavel R.C. - مخيم الجليل/ ويفل/وافل: Mahmoud Kamel

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Posted by mahmoud kamel on March 26, 2007

Wavell camp: Wavell camp is one of the smallest camps in lebanon, it is located in Baalbeck city, to the east of lebanon, its population in its atmost case is not more than five thousands and the people who are still in side the camp are less than three thousands because of the immigration toward the European countries. In the camp there is one school till the third secondary class that means all the levels, near the school there is a mosque. The camp has many social and youth clubs and one can see many activities for the religious and national occasions. About the camp, it's like the other palestinian camps in lebanon in bad need for the essentials for normal life in terms of families lives, health care and healthy life> The united nations is responsible for all the needs of the camps but now its decreasing all its reliefs. As a last word we are waiting the moment that carries us to our land to our palestine and inshallah we will bear all the pain and we will be back.

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