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al-Ram - الرام: A Joint March of Palestinians and Israelis in Ar-Ram.

Posted by Ramy Nabil Abdeljabbar on April 10, 2008

Picture for al-Ram Town - Palestine: : Ar-Ram, General View #1 Click Image For Town Details
Saturday 13/05/06

No to Walls and Checkpoints

Yes to Negotiations ؟

No to Unilateral "Convergence"

Jerusalem Open to All Her Residents

A Joint March of Palestinians and Israelis

Ar-Ram, Jerusalem

Saturday, May 13th, 11AM

In contrast to the Israeli government's assertion that "there is no partner", and its program for unilateral annexation, the residents of Ar-Ram continue their joint activities with Israelis, against the occupation and for a peace that is just for both peoples. This march is the first in a series of actions by a coalition of Israelis and Palestinians together with the residents of Ar-Ram.

The Wall, which bisects the main street of Ar-Ram, has critically damaged the life of the residents. It has divided families, stopped workers from reaching their workplace and cut off teachers and students from their schools; in fact, three schools have already been forced to close.

The Wall has turned a thriving urban center into a jail.

The march, with the participation of schoolchildren, teachers, neighborhood residents and supporters will start at the center of A-Ram in the direction of the Ar-Ram checkpoint.


Tel Aviv- Arlozorov Train Station 09 :15 Sheli 0544547989
Haifa- Solel Bone- 08 :00 Yana 0508575729
Jerusalem- Bell؟s Park 10 :00, French Hill Commercial Center 10 :15 khulood 0547469738
Bat Shalom * Gush Shalom * The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions* The Alternative Information Center* Mahsom Watch* Women؟s Coalition for Peace* Taayush* Yesh Gvul

Bat Shalom

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