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al-Ram - الرام: Israeli Family Rescued By Palestinian Refugees in Al-Ram.

Posted by Ramy Nabil Abdeljabbar on April 10, 2008

Picture for al-Ram Town - Palestine: : Ar-Ram, General View #1 Click Image For Town Details
October 21, 2003

"'On our way to meet some friends in another settlement in the West Bank in the afternoon, we took the wrong turn after Al-Ram checkpoint,'.."

By Mohammed Zeyada

CAIRO - Here it is an easy example, a family of Jewish settlers lost its way in a West Bank refugee camp.

Facing a wave of stone throwing by Palestinian refugees, mostly driven out of their homes by Israeli settlement activities in Palestinian areas, the family found the way to safety ؟ unexpectedly.

But the saviors were also Palestinians, who moved clearly for humanitarian reasons, nothing more.

؟On our way to meet some friends in another settlement in the West Bank in the afternoon, we took the wrong turn after Al-Ram checkpoint,؟ the wife Hanna told Israeli daily Maariv newspaper on Tuesday, October 14.

؟We drove to the north, to find ourselves in a refugee camp in Ramallah city,؟ said the grieving mother.

Hanna, her husband and two daughters aged 7 and 17 years old, realized they were now on the wrong side.

The Israeli settlements are condemned by the international community since they have been built on Palestinian lands, causing a mass displacement of Palestinians now living as refugees in poor overcrowded areas against the lavish settlement blocks.

So, ؟when the inhabitants of the refugee camp saw our car, with its yellow Israeli plates, they vent their anger by hurling stones at us,؟ Hanna remembered.

؟Suddenly, two Palestinians turned up and rushed to our help, to take us to one of the nearby cafes for protection,؟ she said.

Few minutes later, an Israeli army force drove into and took the family outside.

Hanna said she wanted to come back to the refugee camp to thank the Palestinian saviors whom she does not know for ؟their noble position؟.

But the incident has precedents.

In January 2003, a Palestinian returned a six-year-old Israeli boy to the Israeli police after he lost his way to a West Bank Jewish settlement into a Palestinian residential area, said an Israeli weekly.

When the Israeli officer asked Ismail Abu Hedayet why he had saved the child, the answer was: ؟These are the morals of Islam؟.

؟I showed respect to the child regardless of violations against Palestinian children committed by Israeli occupation forces,؟ said Hedayet.

Under the Islamic law, a Muslim should stick to morals established in Islam whether in a state of peace or war, moderate Islamic scholar Shiekh Youssef Al-Qaradawi had said.

؟Bearing reciprocal hostility to Jews or fighting them does not mean relinquishing our own morals,؟ Qaradawi added in his earlier fatwa or religious edict.

But he stressed that if Muslims found their lands usurped and families killed, they had no other option but to fight to restore their rights.

Nine Palestinians were killed, including two children and two teenagers, and about 80 injured during an Israeli operation in Rafah that began on Thursday, October 9.

The UNRWA said about 1,500 people had been left homeless as a result of this several days aggression.

A senior U.N. official who went to assess damage said it looked like there had been a severe earthquake at the densely-populated camp in the south of the Gaza Strip, with up to 120 homes demolished.

"Many, many houses - maybe as many as 120 - have been completely demolished. They would have been the homes to 250, 300 families," stressed UNRWA Chief Peter Hansen.

United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) said in a report released in May 2003 that the Israeli occupation forces pushed 12,000 Palestinian civilians to be homeless after demolishing their homes.


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