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al-Ram - الرام: Occupation Forces Erecting the Apartheid Wall in Ar-Ram, Jerusalem-Ramallah Road

Posted by Ramy Nabil Abdeljabbar on April 10, 2008

Picture for al-Ram Town - Palestine: : Ar-Ram, General View #1 Click Image For Town Details
Latest News, PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, September 11th, 2004

Occupation Forces began last week to put up the Apartheid Wall in Ar Ram village in north Jerusalem on the main street which connects Ramallah and Jerusalem, and which also links Jerusalem with the northern West Bank.

The Wall through Ar Ram passes along the middle of the main road, separating the two sides of the street and cutting Palestinians off from each other, including those on the ؟Jerusalem side؟ from the rest of the West Bank, and vice versa. The Wall in Ar Ram therefore destroys a road which has historically been the main artery linking Jerusalem to northern Palestine, as well as to the rest of the Arab countries bordering Palestine to the north.

Destruction for the Wall has also been continuous in the Wadi Ayyad area, located to the southeast of Ar Ram between Ram and the settlement of Neve Ya؟acov, in an area that also includes Ar Ram, Jaba؟ and Hizma villages, where the Wall will isolate 6500 dunums of the three villages؟ lands for planned settlement expansion.

Last February, Occupation Forces began building the Wall in this area. Other nearby portions of the Apartheid Wall include the Wall that goes around the area of Dahiat Al Aqbat to the east.

Contrary to the most recent mainstream media reports around the Occupation Court؟s involvement at deterring the Wall, the Wall continues unabated.

The Wall around Ar Ram, confiscating and isolating all the village lands for settlement expansion, places sixty thousand people in a hanging ghetto, to be linked to Ramallah by either a bridge or a tunnel.

The Wall around Ar Ram represents the complete isolation of Jerusalem from the West Bank, and destroys the economy and investments in the area and severely affects the educational system in Ar Ram. The Apartheid Wall will separate merchants from their clients, their markets as well as the areas where they acquire their goods.

Destruction for the Wall in Ar Ram area is taking place at the same time as similar devastation for the building of Apartheid Wall continues in northeast Jerusalem, in Al Sawahre village.

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