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al-Samu' - السموع : TEARS AND MORE TEARS

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כדי לתרגם עברית
Tears and more tears filled my eyes
After hearing that an innocent child was killed by his Grand parents
The Grand parents abused this innocent child
While this innocent child was alive
The Grand parents forced him to drink water out of the toilet bowl
And this innocent child was loosing weight every day while he was Alive
I can؟t understand why anyone would abuse an innocent child?
This child was treated like an animal
Why this innocent child was punished so badly by his Grand parents?
The justice finally came down after his Grand Parents went to court
They are now where they belong
In jail
They will be there for twenty-five years
I don؟t believe that twenty five years is enough
Do they have any conscious?
They inflicted pain and suffering in an innocent child
A child that was so young
A child that we will never see growing up
Because that child is dead
And so young
Tears and more tears filled my eyes
Knowing that something like that happened so close to home
Why did the Grand Parents hated this little Innocent child?
Tears and more tears filled my eyes knowing that there is too much Violence in this world
It is time that we stop abusing the children
Let؟s show appreciation for the children
Let؟s have pride for our children
Let؟s share joy and happiness with our children
Let؟s praise our children for the good things they do
Let؟s tell our children that they are special
Let؟s share our love with the children
Let؟s work together to stop child abuse
Let؟s get together and pray for one another
Let؟s take the time to reflect in our lives
Child abuse has to stop now
Because enough is enough
Let؟s provide a safe place where the children can play
And be children forever more
Long live the children
The earth belong to us and the children
Let؟s save the earth from violence and child abuse

Aldo Kraas

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