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al-Tira - الطيرة : Al-terah
Help us identify the direction, places, people,...etc. in this picture? Post your comment (6 comments)
النسخة العربية
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al-Tira - الطيرة : Al-terah

Posted by adel salamah Uploaded on January 8, 2009
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Posted by جرح الماضي on May 15, 2012 #143836

nIiIce pic
Posted by BOSS on June 17, 2011 #135408

Posted by tayseer on September 28, 2010 #122448

7abibi majid inshallah ya rab.i know now,that was before! hope to see you again salamo3alekom.
Posted by ماجد عوض on September 26, 2010 #122292

idont know any thing about every thing tayseer. our meeting in altira inshallah
Posted by adel salamah on June 27, 2009 #81428

this is al 7ara al foqa
Posted by tayseer on May 6, 2009 #76300

i don't know any thing about this place!