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Ijzim - إجزم : Ijzim's Mosque #3
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Ijzim - إجزم : Ijzim's Mosque #3

Posted by Mady  Uploaded on July 30, 2003
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Posted by Ibrahim hassan (azaizi) on July 31, 2009 #84792

صوره جميله جدا جدا يعطيكو العافيه كنت اتمني ان نكون هناك في بلد اباوءنا و اجدادنافلسطين الحبيبه ان شاء الله سياءتي هذا اليوم
Posted by Farid Hassan (Azaizi) on February 3, 2007 #13468

Ijzim's mosque was my first school . I also went to Ijzim's boy's school for the first few elementary grades. Then I along with the family my mother umm Hassan,Fatima Alhaj Abdul Kader and, brothers Hassan, Ali,Hussein and Abdul karim and sister Farida moved to Haifa and later to Balad Alshaikh till we left to Lebanon. In 1961 I travelled to the United States and still live in this land in the state of Oregon Which is on the north west coast of the Pacific ocean.Israel of course cannot be there for ever that land some day will be liberated. Now In the Arab world we have the most corrupt and irrisponsible governments in the world. I hope that democracy some day will spread through out our land.