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Posted by حرب العوادين on AUGUST-10-2014 #154938

Palestine for us
Alawadeen from led Alawadeen in haifa,sons of awad alsedqe who is a son for jaber ben abdallah alqahtany. There are an bedwen and arebian family
Posted by Mohammad Fakhri Awwadeen on NOVEMBER-30-2008 #58403

The right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and lands is a natural, fundamental, inalienable, legal and historical right
The Right to Return is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Law
The right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and lands was affirmed by UNGA resolution 194 in 1948, and 135 times since
The Right to Return is an individual and collective national right. It cannot be delegated, diminished, reduced or forfeited
Posted by mahmoud hussien eid yacoub on MAY-15-2008 #38064

we are very proud our land ** led al-awadeen ** & we pray to god every day to return to it . all wishes to my land and to my people .
thanks for all how cares.and provide this site
Posted by abu abdulla on APRIL-5-2007 #14796

Generation after generation We will not forget our homeland Palestine
Posted by Mohannad Walid Abu Kharma on FEBRUARY-13-2007 #13755

yes its my twon and i am proud to belong to it and to palestine. thanks to all guys who worked on this site.

Posted by sameer abu atouq on SEPTEMBER-22-2004 #7544

It is a very good oportunity to know that my town is listed in this web site many thanks to every one whom work for the information about my town however I will try the best to provide more information about the town.

sameer abu atouq
Posted by Mohammad Fakhri Awwadeen on DECEMBER-28-2003 #5357

we will return soon