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Posted by Salah abu Yhaya on FEBRUARY-4-2007 #13483

I would like to thank all the guests who are writing their comments in this great site.
I do believe it is a must upon every person who belongs to Sabbarin to take part in this site for updating and developing purposes.
I may ask brothers to contribute more and more by getting data, events, pictures, histories, etc؟ related to Sabbarin, it is of an importance to keep in mind our homeland which would be returned back Enshallah.
One thing I like to make a comment on; I could not find in this site any situation talking about the folkloric songs. I may ask any one who has back grounds about the names of singers who were famous in Sabbarin at that time.
I would be glade if all of us starting to unify ourselves as we are from Sabbarin by thinking seriously in creating DEWAN or RABETAT Sabbarin.
We may ask God to give his victory to liberate our homeland enshalla.
We will back to Sabbarin
يا جبل ما يهزك ريح
صلاح ابو يحيى الصباريني
Posted by n abu libdeh on FEBRUARY-2-2007 #13384

السلام عليكم

جزاكم الله الف خير

يوما ما سآتيك حبيبتي
آتيك و العز محفور في ثنايا جبهتي
أملأ سمائي و أرضي بعروبتي
أفاخر الكون بأمجاد أمتي
أعانق تراب الأرض الحبيبة
أطير أحلق من فرط سعادتي
أسقي الزيتونة العطشى بماء دمعتي
أصافح حجر المقاومة بشموخ الهمة
و أدفن رأس صهيون في قبر مذلتي
فمتى تكون إليك يا قدس عودتي
Posted by Mohammed on NOVEMBER-27-2006 #12098

I think the vedio is great but was long....
Posted by Wa'el Salahat on NOVEMBER-25-2006 #12080

I am Wa'el Salahat from Sabbarin, I see sabbarin on video when my father take a movie for it, I didn't see it or was there but I miss it alot wallah hope one day we will back
Posted by Farook Homaidi on NOVEMBER-24-2006 #12056

it is a pleasure to maeet all of you dear homeland mates, sabbarin is our home, and no home but sabbarin
Love to all of u
Posted by Mohammed on NOVEMBER-23-2006 #12041

Al-Salam Alikum
Sabbarin website gathered the best people from around the globe. Please whenever you visit this website sign in and let us know each other better, so one day we might gather in Sabbarin Inshalla.
Best wishes and regards to those who know that they are from Sabbarin.
Posted by abualsamen on OCTOBER-19-2006 #11822

محمد سعيد ابوالسمن

حسبنا الله في كل فرد أو زعيم خان دينه ووطنه
اذا نسيتم اذى العدو هلكتم
فتواصو بالحقد جيلا فجيلا
وازرعوا الحقد في الجوانح
حتى يجد الحقد للسيوف سبيلا
Posted by Dr. Waddah AL D'ameh on JUNE-8-2006 #10980

عائدون ان شاء الله
Posted by Faour - Tulkarm Camp on JUNE-5-2006 #10960

I am from Sabbarin,... we sahll come back inshalla.
Salam from me to all families from Sabbarin.
Posted by Faour - Tulkarm Camp on MAY-30-2006 #10936

مصطفى "محمد سعيد" مصطفى فاعور
فلسطيني من صبارين أصلا
أعيش حاليا مع عائلتي في مخيم طولكرم
العمر 37 سنة خريج
لي أعمام اثنين هجرو إلى مخيم الفارعة، وأنا ولدت هناك أصلا بعد الهجرة
ولي عم آخر هجر وعاش في الرصيفة في الأردن
ولي خالين عاشا في الرصيفة في الأردن
أسأل الله أن ترجع فلسطين إلى المسلمين
بعزة عزيز
Posted by Mohammed on APRIL-7-2006 #10568

Hi all
God Bless you all
take care
Posted by bazoka on AUGUST-30-2005 #9502

salam all im from hefah-sobran
Posted by Ahmad Issa on AUGUST-26-2005 #9481

Dear everybody,
I noticed that same family name is written in different spelling. (i.e. Homaidi, Hameedi, Hemaidi .. etc.) Also, many brothers from same father & motehr they have different family names, while main family name is disappeared. For example (my real family name is Hemaidi from Subbarin, but my passport shows: Alshaikh Yousef, while Daftar Ala'aelah shows Yahia. I hope everybody should keep his original family name. Thank you and good luck. Ahmad Issa Al-Hemaidi
Posted by ابراهيم الاعرج on AUGUST-6-2005 #9349

صبارين كانت ولا ازال في القلب
Posted by omar on JUNE-5-2005 #8877

hello avery good site god bless our home ilive in Russaifah my name is omar morad fares alabhary
Posted by omar on JUNE-5-2005 #8875

السلام عليكم اناشاب منصبارين من العباهره اسكن في مدينة الرصيفه
Posted by عمر صلاحات on MARCH-20-2005 #8525

بقلبي سأرمي وجوه العداة فقلبي حديد وناري لظى
بلادي وإن جارت علي عزيزة وأهلي وإن ضنوا علي كرام
Posted by oabulibdeh on JUNE-8-2004 #6845

Salam Everybody

As A "Sabbarini" I wish to thank all those did any thing to make this web page active.

In Sha' allah we all will go back there and meet each other.

I noticed that we have alot missed in this web site about Sabbarin, for example, the latest picture posted have been taken in 1987, I think I can get some newer pictures, I'll try to post them very soon.
another missed thing is the information about the families used to live in Sabbarin, i.e Abu-Libdeh, Alhaj... etc.
if you liked the idea, I can start by giving the information about he Abu-Libdeh's, but before this we need to agree on the kind of information we need to post about our families.

the most important thing we are missing in this web site is a topographic map for sabbarin. I'll try to make my father sketch some map and post it here .

before doing any of the above things, I want to know who is sponsering and taking care about this site. please let me know if you have any idea
Posted by Othman taha on MARCH-29-2004 #6388

لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله
سيحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم
اما بعد
اخواني في الاسلام لعن الله المشركين والحاقدين والغاصبين
والسلام عليكم دار قوم مومنين
عثمان طه
Posted by essam on JANUARY-9-2004 #5461

وسنمحا العار بايدينا ....وبكل القوة ندفعهم
Posted by Iyad Ghazi Sabbarini on MAY-12-2003 #4090

It is a great pleasure to see , owr town, Sabbarin
Appreciate all the efforts..
Love Palestine

Iyad Sabbarini
Posted by Abu Mohammad on APRIL-15-2003 #3962

الله أكبر لاحت بيارق النصر..والله غالب على أمره ولو كره المشركون

(( اللهم ردنا إلى ديارنا سالمين فائزين...مين ))

فؤاد عناية
Posted by mohammed on FEBRUARY-22-2003 #3775

This is mohammed mahmoud el haj m .Hamaidi
Hope we will be back soon to our home land
Posted by Mohammed on OCTOBER-12-2002 #3237

Dear All:
This is a great chance to know each other better, when i first signed in this guest book it was more than two years ago, and i was the only one there, and now it's getting better for sure.
As more we can know each other, we can understand each other, and we can do something together.
If the night is so dark, we should paint the sky with Stars.
Do your best, Live, and let Live.

Mohammed Kamal Jabri.
Posted by حسن مصطفى on AUGUST-5-2002 #2675

i always felt like some thing missing in my life, being a refugee was too hard to accept that some body had destroyed all the things that belong to your father and mother and their memories and you are asked to forget and forgive. we might forgive but basicly we want our land back.
missing you Sabbarin
Posted by mohammad tayseer on JULY-24-2002 #2634

سنعود وربك سنعود لنملأ ارضك بجنود
محمد تيسير عبدالله
Posted by Farook Homaidi on APRIL-1-2002 #1567

Beloved Sabbarine
where ever we may go
there is no home
but you
Posted by Ruba Homaidi on APRIL-1-2002 #1565

Miss you so much Sabbarin, one day our dreams will come true and we'll meet again, all my love,
Posted by helmi abahri on MARCH-14-2002 #1463

لا نامت أعين الجبناء

حلمي عبدالله عرسان
Posted by Mohammed on JANUARY-28-2002 #1263

If anyone is checking this web site just reply to have a real msg board
Posted by Ahmad E on JANUARY-8-2002 #1176

عائدون لنعمرك من جديد بإذن الله

أحمد عناية