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Posted by Laila sharabi on MAY-2-2007 #15360

im so glad to read about abdelhadi family my mother is the daughter of rohee basha abdelhadi and she will be so happy to show her this and brings to her memories of the lovely years in palestine.
Posted by علي on MARCH-15-2007 #14414

شكرا جدا على المعلومات التي وردت على لسان الحاج عبداللة المصلح اني اتشرف ان اكون من هذة القرية الحبيبة على قلبي عارة وادعواللة ان تعود الينا ابن وادي عارة علي عطية
Posted by Kareem Azab on JANUARY-29-2007 #13251

It is the place where I used to live in during all my life, but I left it for a couple of years to Boston, and I will be back soon ؟ I used to live in ARA (in Wadi Ara), a great place which binds me with a very deep emotional link ؟ I love it ؟ and if you ask me what I love in it most? I have a simple answer; I love it all together and every smallest detail: My family, the place, the people, the hills and the valley ؟ Simply it is ARA.
Posted by Elisheva on APRIL-2-2006 #10521

I spent my childhood on Kibbutz Barkai. That arab house was my favorite place in the whole world. Now that I am older and that your website has told me the truth about the history of the land I grew up on, all I can say is...... I'm sorry, really sorry. Wadi Ara will always have a special place in my heart and I will make sure to tell future generations about the land's true history.
Posted by Rasha Mari on OCTOBER-28-2005 #9790

i'm half from arara and half from akka ,lived my whole life in akka until five years ago i moved abroad.
please post some photos of arara.
Posted by avi on FEBRUARY-15-2004 #5911

Thank you for the information.EIN ERON lands were bought around the 1930,the document can be sen in the land registry office .
Posted by رامي الخطيب on NOVEMBER-13-2003 #5100

انا من عارة وهذه اول مره احصل فيها عل صور لبلدتي اتمنى ان اجد المزيد مع امنياتي لكم بالتوفيف وارجو ممن يملك اي معلومة عن بلدتي ان يرسلها لي على عنواني الالكتروني
Posted by fouad abdel-hadi on MAY-25-2002 #2029

Great information.It makes me feel humbled as the grandson of Haj Fouad Abdel-Hadi.
Thank you.
Posted by وفاء ملحم on NOVEMBER-21-2001 #981

I thank the poeple who made this site
I was hoping to find my town(arara)عرعرهwhich is very famus
thanks again