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Posted by Kitabayashi "Kitub" Takehiko on APRIL-27-2008 #36060

How are you?
I'm a Japanese visitor.
I just saw the scene of Yajur sight on the screen of a motionpicture "NAKBA" directed by Mrs.Hirokawa Ryuichi.
In this movie he featured a woman, ms.Kifaa Afifi, born in the Lebanon but has her mother family originated from Yajur.
I've met Miss.Kifaa more than a dacade ago in the Chatila camp.
Since I Watched the movie, I'm searching for the Yajur on Google-Earth. I know there is a doted point of this village, at the foot of the mountain, by the highway from Hifa. But I think real sight place of Yajur is on a hilltop nearby.
Please teach me if you know the real place of this village.
Thank you.
Posted by Hani alyajouri on SEPTEMBER-4-2007 #19911

hi all, my family's name is alyajouri الياجوري, my grands were in yajur. If anybody know something about my family plz post here. or contact me through email.
Posted by Ley on SEPTEMBER-25-2006 #11664

Hi, I'm just want to learn about the history of my family. We live in South America, but I know very little about my grandfather, who died very young. It`s difficult to find information about, but here we're few.
Posted by Hossam on JUNE-10-2004 #6856

I have added some pictures of Yagour. I hope every one enjoys them.
Posted by Hossam on JUNE-10-2004 #6855

I have added soem pictures of yagour i hope every one enjoys them.
Posted by AOK on MAY-19-2004 #6619

I think with a fantastic website like this one, we document a big part of our struggle and anguish as palestinians. It is a pandora's box of history which will one day catch up with israel and its evil nature. Despite the fact that NOT one palestinian family lives without heartache and distress, we have maintained our integrity, pride and history for the WHOLE world to see. There is little doubt that we ARE the most challenged (worldwide) and most heartbroken race ever to walk this planet! Not for long I hope.

FREE Falasteen
Posted by ihsan on JANUARY-7-2004 #5439

iam palestenian and iam from alyajor
and ihope to return to my country nonetheless of israel control and i hope to take the israelian people and put him in the dark bocket aslam alikom
Posted by ihsan on JANUARY-7-2004 #5435

iam palestenian and iam from alyajor
Posted by Hossam Audi on JANUARY-31-2003 #3704

I hope every ones spirts are still hight and i wish some one would post a picture with a wider angle than the one presently displayed as the view is rather ristricted.
Posted by 1 on APRIL-30-2002 #1854

My family are from yajur.
Posted by mohammed el-awdeh on AUGUST-15-2001 #643

I live in London and would be interested in communicating with people from Yajur to build up some human picture of our home town.
There are a number of ahl al yajur who live in Lebanon: Shatila refugee camp-Beirut and weivel refugee camp-Baalbeck.
Posted by Mohammed on JUNE-16-2001 #329

I'm from Yajur. Currently, I live in Shatila refugee camp with my family. I would like to meet a a Yajuri who wants to be my friend. Please be free to be in touch via email.
Thank you