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al-Tantura - الطنطورة : Maqam al-Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Bujeirmi, May 2002
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al-Tantura - الطنطورة : Maqam al-Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Bujeirmi, May 2002

Posted by Aqsa Association-Palestine-1948 Uploaded on June 2, 2002
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Posted by عادل عبد اللة البجرميى (الشهرة الصوفى الرفاعى) on March 13, 2014 #153957

الشريف عادل بن الشريف عبداللةبن سيداحمد بن يوسف بن السيد احمد بن حسين بن عبد اللة بن بن جمعة أبو طافية بن على بن محمد السقارى بن محمد شمس الدين بن محمدالحجازى بن حسن الفقى أحمد ابو مسافر بن حسين أبو طاقية بن يحيى أبو النور بن شبل خلف بن عطية بن محمد ابو الندى بن مجمود بن أحمد الأزرق بن منصور الباز بن موسى بن كامل بن عبد الصادق بن جعفر الذكى بنأبن الامام على الهادى بنمحمد الجواد بن الأمام على الرضا بن موسى الكاظم بن الأمام جعفر الصادق بن الأمام محمد الباقر بنبن الأمام على زين العابدين بن الأمام أبن الأمام الحسين أبن الأمام على أبن أبى طالب والسيدة فاطمة الذهراء بنت سيدنا رسول اللة صلى اللة علية والة وسلم***هذا هو نسبى وأريد أن أعتعرف وأتواصل مع جميع عائلات البجرمى وهذا هو أميلى
Posted by محاسن on July 18, 2011 #136358

السلام عليكم
بدي اعرف اذا في شخص عندة معلومات عن عيلة دكناش في الطنطورة
Posted by عبدالله العوفي on February 7, 2010 #103025

السلام عليكم

انا عبدالله العوفي حفيد شيخ عرب وادي الحوارث "اسماعيل العوفي" ويقال اننا ننحدر من سلالة الشيخ عبدالرحمن البجيرمي، هل لديك اية معلومات عن هذا الموضوع..؟

ارجو مراسلتي للأهمية، انا بصدد عمل فحص DNA مع احد افراد عائلة البجيرمي الكرام
Posted by محمود سليم on January 13, 2010 #100674

بداية أشكركم على هذا العمل الجيد. ولي تعليقات أخرى على بداية المقال، سأرسلها لكم مباشرة على عنوانكم البريدي بشأن شجرة العائلة (البجيرمي).
وثانيا، على حسب علمي فإن آل الماضي من إجزم وليس من الطنطورة، يمكن أكون غلطان، سأتأكد من ذلك لاحقا.
أرجو التواصل معي على عنواني البريدي المذكور اعلاه لأنني أيضا أتابع شجرة العائلة من جهة سلالة الشيخ محمد عبد الرحمن البجيرمي. وقد ذكرتم أن اشقاء عمي احمد أبو يونس في البداوي (محمد ورشيد) والصحيح هو أن الشيخ يونس إبن الشيخ سليم إبن الشيخ محمد عبد الرحمن البجيرمي، له من الأبناء ما يلي:
سعيد وسليم ومحمد واحمد من والدتهم جميلة التي توفت فتزوج أخرى من بيت أبو عمر من إجزم أيضا وأنجب له: حسن وحسين وحلمي ونوح ونفيسه وصفية وحسنة.
وأن رشيد هو إبن عم والدي سليم وواله الشيخ عبد الرحمن البجيرمي شقيق جدي الشيخ يونس (أولاد جدي الشيخ سليم البجيرمي).
وشكرا لكل من يساهم في العمل والله الموفق.
Posted by بسام سعيد on September 25, 2009 #89977

الرجاء النظر الى الصور رقم 66و67و68و69و70و71
حيث يوجد صور من داخل المقام, وهناك 3 اضرحة.
وهي لشيخ عبد الرحمن البجيرمي واخته وابنته رحمة الله عليهم .وعلى اموات المسلمين اجمعين
Posted by Walid Farid Bjeirmi on April 9, 2009 #73561

Salam, Hope I will be able to finish tonight as I am sure as any one is following and reading the site is excited to read more about the Bjeirmi, anyways as I was living in Lebanon I come to know, first when I was attending the VTC I met Abdul Alrasheed Al Bujeirmi, he was living in Tyre-lebanon, I met him again in Abu Dhabi in the eighties (will talk about it later). Also when I went to Kuwait in the late Sixties in a training course I met Mohd Al Bujeirmi he was an aviation engineer with Kuwait Airways so when I went back to lebanon I went to meet his family with my father in Tripoli at albadawi when his father met us dearly his name was Ahmad and he has a very big family his eldest son name is Younes and he told us that his brother Rasheed lives in Tyre and they have another brother called Mohd he was living in Qatar at that time, so Ahmad, Mohd and Rasheed were brothers, and they are cousins of my grand father Mohd, and I understood that they are very big family and they married from each other a lot, later when I met them in abu Dhabi they were cousins from both parents. I only met Ahmad and his sons Mohd in Kuwait and Samir whom I met in Abu Dhabi and was working with his brother in law also called Samir Al Rasheed who is the brother of Abdulrasheed who I met at VTC and he has a shop in the industrial zone for car spare parts he was very nice guy and he helped in some way and he was married to his cousin (daughter of Ahmad in tripoli) any ways when I was in Abudhabi we were invited to a Bujerimi wedding and I met many of them as well as one old lady she is Bujeirmi too and she is the wife of Mohd who lives in Qatar as well as her 2 sons Khalid and Walid whom they were working in Abu Dhabi, that all what I know about the Bujerimi from Lebanon and whom I met more in the UAE and I believe those 3 brothers descend from Sheik Saleh thats why they are the cousins of my grand father Mohd.
Khalid the son of Mohd in Qatar one he came to my office in Abudhabi and another Bujeirmi with him he was a guest from Palestine and I understood that they are living in Nables and they trade in furniture and appliances as well they currency exchange, unfortunatley I couldn't see him again which I regret a lot, even I forget his name ( I deeply Appologies to him in case he or his family read this article.).
Another big and intersting happening from our ancestors that in the eighteenth century Sheik Abdulrahman he freed the people used to serve him and work for him and when hfreed them of course he game them the Bujeirmi name and may be I am one of the luckiest who met one of them and his family in the seventies at our home in Lebanon, he was a nice guy and he was working in Kuwait at that time and my father told me the story so in case any of you the Bujeirmis met some body in a different color do not be surprised as we are all the same.
Now about Sheik Zakaria, as I said he lived in Egzem and all what I know about him that he is very educated and very well far sited as well as he was a writer and you can find his books in languages and (Manteq) in the libraries I mean big libraries as once in the eighties I bought a book in Manteq from Abudhabi book shop as well as many educated people who were studying arabic languages and Manteq told me about his books, and the only desendent from his branch is Dr Mohd Tawfique Zakaria Al Bujeirmi and I think he is the 4th generation of Shiek Zakaria, I met the Dr many times in Syria and out side Syria and unfortunately we never spoke about this subject which I love to meet him now and know more as I am sure he should know alot as he is elder than I, I think he is now in late seventies.
Dr Tawfique as he is known was living in Iraq and it seems his family came to Iraq from Palestine and he left to Syria in the seventies, he is very educated person and his phd in english language fro UK and he is unbeatable in arabic language too, he was a Dr at the syrian Universities as I know he was teatching in Damascus Universities, the syrian people and who lived in Syria know him very well, if any of you was watching tv in the eighties, the Dr did Al Jahez for the Syrian Tv, it is very famous episodes worth to watch he was AlJahez ( He did without make up) because he looks like that exactly, He is very very nice person, if you meet him you will never like him to leave.
I think that all what I have about the Bujeirmi, I hope what I wrote will be added to your dictionary and analyse amny thing in the way as we the Bujeirmi live very very long as well as our blood is very thick and pure as during my connection with the families I found a lot of resemblance among them if in the 5th and 6th cousins, as Younes the eldest son of Ahmad in Tripoli he resemble my Uncle Said who live in Damascus, aslo Younes one of the sons of Rasheed he resemble my second brother Hassan, I seen many but I do not remember names, also it seems we are all over the world from ocean to ocean, recently I came to know that we have some one in Sweden, another fortune also that the males are many in the families, when I started my family trees (I will post it soon as my son found the it) until my father generation I found every person has minimum 8 children and some more than 12,(God Bless)also the name of Walid and Khalid is repeated many times even in the same family like me and my broither Bassam I have Khalid and His youngest is Khalid too.
I have noticed from the articles written about the Bujeirmi the the writer does not mention his complete name so to know and trace in that we may complet the tree also to know more about the family even if the mother is Bujeirmi like (Bassam Tayseer Saeed)his mother is Bjeirmi, I like to know about (Nadia Bojraqmi)is it too bad spelling or this is the way you write it always, if so from when you brought the Q. our name in Arbicis never change some of us ommit the Al some kept it as it is which I am thinking seriously to put it back to our name, but in english we write differently and this is because when we mentioned no body know were we are from even they do not consider it arabic name but if they know hwo we are thats some thing else.
I hope I did not hurt any one in those 3 article as well as I hopoe it wwas useful for every one as my brothers and sisters were surprised how much I know about our ancestors (that's why I am the eldest, Ha ha )in any case if any of you would like to ask questions or to keep in touch you are welcome.
god Bless you all and wish you all the happines hoping soon will find a solution to Palestine.
Good night.
Walid Bin Farid Bin Mohd Bin Sheik Saleh Bin Moh Bin Abdulrahman Al Bujeirami.
11.30 pm Atlantic time
Posted by Walid Farid Bjeirmi on April 5, 2009 #73120

Salam, here again as promised, somewhere some time around 1800 sheik Abdulrahman left to Al Tantoura and his brother stayed in Egzem.
Sheik Abdulrahman was very holly and blessed and relegious honest truthful man and that I heared from many sources different than my Bjeirmi family as well as I heared 3 different stories about him, the first one was my youngest Aunt when she was 7 or 8 years was playing in their front yard with other girls when a heated dispute happened between her and one of the girls when the girl insulted her and her family and ancestors where my aunt's answer was hope my ancestores punish you, the second day the family of that girl came to may grandfather house Mohammed with their girl to ask forgiveness as the girl mouth was side twisted, my grandfather then ordered his daughter to take her shoes and slap the girl on twisted side where suddenly the mouth corrected. another story about our grand grand father that he never went to Al Haj as one year people from the village and the surrounding came to congatulate him as he came back from Al Haj as he told them he never went but some present swear that they saw him their and took the blessing from him. another recent stories in the present or the last century that the Israelis tried to demolish his shrine as they want to make a highway through the land, they have tried many ways from dynamite to bulldozers but in vain as also they been attacked by snakes so they left it alone even they surrounded it with nice land scaping as you see it in this photoes and I think this happened between 1980 and 2000 as I have seen a video of the shrine around end of eighties and the surrouinding wasn't like this it was dirt road and the door was broken and little ajar, and this video sent to me by my brother Hassan who was working in Jordan at that time and one of his friends went to Palestine in his vacation and brought that video, as I moved to Canada I lost track of my video and hope it is still some where among my luggage and hope Hassan has his copy still.
What I know about the family tree is the following (I did a family tree unfortunately I followed it from sheik Saleh and forward and I do not have a trace of Mohd the first and Abdulrahman children). Sheik Saleh Al Bujeirami is my grand gran father or is my father Farid Grand father, he was blessed too and was working in herbal medicine, was married twice as his first wife died when he was in his fifties thats why he marry again, his first wife has my granfather Mohd and another 2 daughters whom I met in the 60s sorry I forget their names as they lived in Syria too, I don,t know if they are still alive or not but I recall that one of them was still alive after 2001, as one of them married to Abu Zarad Family,my grand father died in 66 and my grand mother died in early 70 and as I told you before they have 6 children including my father who is the only one deseased, God blessed them all as I remeber them very well more than my siblings as I went to Syria a lot of times. So sheik Saleh second wife has Abdulrahman and Lutfi, Abdulrhamn lived and died in Syria and his family still there and Lutfi came to Syria and then to Lebanon and left Lebanon in the early fifties to Canada where he still living and he has 14 children, I met him in 2001 since I had'nt seen him since he left to Canada, I always talk to him over the phone, he is living alone now but his children always around him I think he is around 90-95.
will continue the third and last of what I know about the Bjeirmi soon.
Posted by Walid Farid Bjeirmi on April 4, 2009 #73042

First let me express my deep sincere thanks and appreciations to those who thought and execute this wonderful and detailed sight about our beloved Palestine as well as every city and village,I believe it was great efforts and works and Iam sure it will generate huge rememberance to the old generation whom they witness Palestine tragedy and to the generation who left Palestine young and to the most important those who born and raised outside our Palestine and away from the Arab countries so they can read and know about their country and keep it in mind always and inform their children.
It is the best gift for generations the past and the new untill we go back.
My name is Walid Bin Farid Bin Mohd Bin Shiek Saleh Bin Mohd Bin Sheik Abdulrahman Al Bujeirmi, as you noticed Iam the sixth geration of the sheik, I am living in Canada and have three grown men, 31,28 & 25.
My father came to Lebanon in 48 and we stayed until now, my mother is Asfour and her father is Saleh Asfour. I have 7 siblings, so we are 4 4, three of them in Lebanon and the others around the world, Bassam who wrote the comment in March is my youngest brother. My Father family lived in Syria since 48 and I have one uncle and 4 aunts old of course but still alive, my father worked with the Unrwa as master and died in 86 and mother died in 96 God bless their souls they worked very hard to raise us.
Now back to Sheik Abdulrahman.
In the Ottoman Empire Era around 1700, Ibrahim Basha was assigned to invade the middle east countries, he was passing through Egypt on al Nile Delta when he passed by a village called Bujeirm(any one who has a good detailed atlas can check the village, still there and the families are there too as well as the name is very familiar in egypt) He met the Sheik Abdulrahman and his brother Zakaria and he found out that they are the most intellectual and importan people in the area as Sheik Zakaria was teaching in Alazhar, any ways, Ibrahim basha convinced them to with him to invade palestine so they can help him in his daily assigmnemnts, there they went, after they done with Palestine Ibrahim Basha decide to go back to Egypt, here the two brothers decided to stay in Palestine as they love the country and the people, He agreed and left them in Palestine and they stayed in a village called Egzem (it is well know village as they say the people of Egzem are very stubborn ha ha ha .)My article will follow soon please keep checking
Posted by Bassam Farid Bjeirmi on March 17, 2009 #71113

Assalamu Alaikum
I knew of the grave of my great grandad (fifth generation) Allah mercies be upon him and all his family, but I have not seen it. It was very emotional to read all the comments about it and to know that it still exists. Jazakum allah khair on this website which could be a starting point for people to make contact with each other after 60 years apart. My father Fardi, Allah Mercies be upon him moved to lebanon after they became refugees. The rest of his family stayed in Syria. I would welcome any contacts from far awayv family members.
Posted by said el bujeirmi on March 17, 2009 #71071

this maqam is for one of my grand father, and im so happy that this is approval for ever that in this land we have right ..its more iportant than any document ...
return enshallah
Posted by Nadia Bogeraqme on January 25, 2009 #65210

Iam glad that you are documenting every thing about Palestine. This proves that Manahem Begin was absolutely wrong when he said"soon the elderly will die and the youngsters will soon forget" The new coming genetations will viciously keep claiming Palestine as their homeland untill they succeed. God bless Palestine
Posted by زينة البجيرمي on January 25, 2009 #65138

هذه الصورة لمقام الشيخ/ عبدالرحمن البجيرمي رحمه الله .. وهو جدي الخامس ، اللهم اغفر له ولأهله وأحفاده أجمعين واكتبنا واياه من الصالحين واحشرنا مع النبيين والصديقين تحت ظلك يوم لا ظل إلا ظلك .. وقد كان الشيخ/ عبدالرحمن رحمه الله معلماً للناس أصول الدين ،
وقد علمت بأن اليهود لم يستطيعوا هدم هذا المقام لما له من أهمية دينية .. سنعود يوماً .. ونقرأ له الفاتحة عن قرب إن شاء الله .. وحسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
Posted by بسام تيسير سعيد on September 8, 2008 #51491

هذا مقام الشيخ عبد الرحمن البجيرمي
وهو جد امي رحمهماالله
وهو كان عالم دين دارس في الازهر الشريف وكان يعلم الناس تعاليم دينهم
Posted by Wafa Elbjeirami on May 26, 2008 #39541

To whom it may concern:
I am so glad I came across your website. My name is Wafa Elbjeirami. My father and I were browsing through the pictures and saw this incredible picture of Al-Maqam. Sheisk AbdulRahman Elbjeirami is our great great grandfather. Please correct the name associated with this picture to "Maqam al-Sheikh Abdul Rahman Elbjeirami". I attached a picture of me and my father last year next to the Maqam to confirm our claim. Thank you so much for this website. and I look forward to seeing with pride the family's name next to this blessed Maqam.
Best regards,
Wafa Mohammad Elbjeirami
PS I coudn't find the names of family members listed under the section of people who resided in al Tantura. Is it ok if I could provide that? My father (Mohammad Elbjeirami) will be happy to share them with you. He also recognized all the names you guys listed which gave us a very cool and wonderful feeling.