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al-Tantura - الطنطورة : احدى الأقارب تصلي على روح الشيخ
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النسخة العربية
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al-Tantura - الطنطورة : احدى الأقارب تصلي على روح الشيخ

Posted by Nadia Bogeraqme Uploaded on January 25, 2009
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Posted by Jonathan Bejermi on May 14, 2018 #159040

This is Jonathan the youngest of Lutfis children born here in Canada to Lutfis second wife, Nahed Megally, a Cairo born lady who also came to Canada around the end of the 60s, and who he had 3 children with, in addition to his children of his first wife with whom he had 11, total 14. I am 32 and just had myself own son who is 2 years old and possibly the youngest grandchild of Lutfi. I am the only male who had a son of all his children, and grew up here in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Recently my father Lutfi who I am named after, Jonathan Lutfi Saleh Bejermi he named me, has entered into the Rideau Perley retirement residence here in Ottawa and can be found there for anyone who wants to visit, I visit with my baby son often and so do all his children who live close in the city, at least 7 of us visit him. I thought he was born in 1922 for the longest time then he told me he wasn't sure as there was only one document and it was a long time ago, so noone knows really how old he is, now another half sister was saying 99 but 1922 would make him 96 this year. I am really proud of my dad, knowing how he caught nazi spies in Palestine for British intelligence, then came to Canada as an advisor for the Prime Minister of Canada Lester B. Pearson with 7 children, built his own house in the first month he was renting in Quebec and keeping his kids quiet so the landlord wouldnt find out he had so many kids! Then showing the landlord the house he had gotten a plumber, an electrician etc together and bought the land to surprise him and he was already planning on letting him stay anyways. I remember all the stories he told me, how the Emperor Heile Selassie took refuge when Mussolini attacked Ethiopia in his own village and saw the two lions outside of the emperors house, telling me non chalantly how Selassies family knew his family and he was a good man. We are kind and truthful by nature and so we are surrounded by royalty, as the proverb of Solomon says. He also told me about Sheikh AbdelRahman who had friends who could fly like superman, could see people coming from miles away for healing, and when the Jews tried to bulldoze his house here they would just stop, again and again, then they tried the dynamite and the dynamite Flew Back At Them, and Thats why they left it alone. My dad loves me very much and I know now how much since my son was born and make it a point to want to hug him more, such a sweet man. I have more stories anyone wanna know just ask, I will be telling my baby son all of them also, and wont forget I am 32 now and he is 2.