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Posted by Hajir on OCTOBER-12-2002 #3236

Salamo alikom!

I am 20 years old palestinian from eltire, I have never been in palestine,But i hope we will return soon inshallah.
Today i live in Sweden and you can visit the palestinian site in sweden www.falastini.ORG
Posted by KOBAIAA on JUNE-10-2002 #2155

in chaa allh 3aadon
Posted by Fadi Albatal on APRIL-26-2002 #1800

Me too I'm from there, that place that I've always dreamed of, the description of my grandfather؟s house, the fields, the streets, the school, the spring (Ras el3ein) and the (Joumeizeh) that my beloved, god have mercy on her sole, grandmother talked about so many times, raising the love of this land in our heart and printing the image of our homeland in our minds. This description is what I find in the pictures taken by Mouttaz, consolidating my will to go there as soon as I can to embrace its soil.
Posted by Ali Rabbani on FEBRUARY-7-2002 #1299

It's nice to see the birth place of my Father and Mother. I would like to go there one day, Insha'Allah.
Posted by Yousef Hajeir on OCTOBER-4-2001 #791

My grandfather El Hajj Mes'ad was one of the great men in Al-Tireh, and he was the good friend of Abdullah Al Salaman. El Hajj was killed by the Zionist Jews in may 1948, during their first try to occupy our town upon bombing Al dabour family house.
I'm full of hope that one day his soul and the souls of all martyred Palestinian heroes will settle and relax in peace.

Thanks for all of you.
Posted by Ahmed AL-Ahmed on SEPTEMBER-2-2001 #714

Marhaba to all,
I'm Ahmed Yacoub, from Tiret Heifa. I was born in Yarmouk Refugee Camp in Damascus, and my mother's family is from Ijzim (nearby El-Tireh from Hamoulet Msheinesh). I like to know of people who knows about those Hamoulehs (Yacoub & Msheinesh ) as well as stories occured in Palestine, particularly around Haifa. Please be free to contact me vial email.
Salam to all, and some day we will be all together in Al-Tireh. I'am now living in Madrid, Spain.

Thawra Hatta el Nassr.
Al-Tireh Liberation Front.
Posted by BARAA ABU-RASHID on JULY-5-2001 #493

I'm from al-Tira and I was born in Aleppo, Syria.
Tiret Haifa will always be in my heart. Thank you so much for letting see my photos of my village.
Posted by mouttaz ammoura on JUNE-26-2001 #437

I'm from al-Tira, although I was born in Syria. Last year I visited my village & truly I can not describe my feeling, that's a visit which I will never forget.
My sisters, brothers, & I are all writing to you, however, our minds and hearts still in al-Tira. I do not know what to write because now I have more tears than words.
Now I live in Canada, but far-away from AL-TIRA. When I came back, I brought with me some sand, maramieh, few stones, & water from Tirat Haifa. Yes, I brought all of that to remember al-Tira & to have it close to my hart back in Canada.
If you ask me about pictures, you will soon see few on this site, however, my scanner is broken now. As soon as it's fixed, I will be uploading many Tira pictures to share with my brother Inshaallah.
By the way, I have taken some pictures for the elmentery school, the house of Nmer Abu Rasheid, & lots more, you will find out soon.
Mouttaz Ammoura
Posted by jalal derbas on JUNE-20-2001 #380

Dear Proud people of Tiret Haifa: I know that there are many from al-Tira (7 km southeast of Haifa) who are now living in different corners of the world . I am sure that if it is not for the Israeli occupation , we would have been now all together living in peace in that peaceful land . I know that every refugee has suffered a lot everywhere in this world . but still I believe that we can do something to make the future brighter not only for ourselves , but also for our offspring and the coming generations . if we can't meet today , we must have the belief that our children one day shall meet and speak about the heroic deeds of their fathers and grandfathers. The Zionists are accustomed to say : MIGHT IS RIGHT. they believe so because all the western world is supporting them , and because the whole world is still blind and not really seeing what is happening in Palestine. I'd like to agree with the Zionists that : MIGHT IS RIGHT , especially because I believe that God is the mightiest, and sooner or later he will retrieve the right and the land to its real owners . may Allah be with you all , and help you all . Keep in mind that you can do something to make the distance shorter to reach Palestine. it might be that whatever we do on the personal level might seem to be just a drop of water in the ocean , but ALWAYS REMEMBER that without this work , the ocean would be missing that drop! Each drop, regardless how small, it makes a difference. Your brother from Tiret Haifa Jalal Derbas
Posted by yousuf abu-rashid on JUNE-14-2001 #321

Dear all:
I just want to express my great admiration for this interesting website, many thanks.
Although I was born out of Tira, I consider myself a Tirawi (from Tiret Haifa) & I can not wait for the day I go back to my home town "inshallah".
I urge each & every Tirawi to take the time to identify his/her self on this webpage.
Posted by Fzaidan on JUNE-5-2001 #265

I'm a Palastinian from Lebanon, I wish to hear from our brothers in occupied Palestine.
Inchaa allah younsorkum, We will do our best to support you.
Posted by Nisrine on MAY-11-2001 #77

I'm half from Tiret Haifa, my mother being from there. I have now signed everywhere I can on this website;)
Thank you again for this gift to humanity.
We shall & must return on day.