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al-Tira - الطيرة: Land measurements by the British officials

Posted by Ahmed AL-Ahmed on October 13, 2000

Picture for al-Tira Village - Palestine: : انقاض منزل عائله سعيد العبد ابو راشد في وادي فلاح جنوبي الطيره . Click Image For Town Details
First of all, this story has been told to us by my grandfather since I was born
in Damascus/Syria/Al-Yarmuk camp in 1959 and it's as the following:
Our house and lands were surrounded by olive trees,and the British mandate officials were trying to limit land according to their interests,like saying:your land was surrounded by this tree( marking the tree).So my grand father together with my uncles and some relatives, one night started to remove the marked tree to a wider place (that was before the Jewish movements came ot the area) .So with the help of every body, they managed to drag around a huge tree and placed it to a further place, in the former hole they put another tree, and this way our our land became wider. The next week the British discovered that and punished my grand father to replant the trees to their original places."more anecdote than a story " My complete name : Ahmed Najeeb Mohammad Yacoub AL-Ahmad, my mother's village is ( Ijzim ) near to Ein Ghazal.

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