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Bayt Jibrin - بيت جبرين : Wish You Were Here. Freshly Cooked Khubiz/Bread, May 2000
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Bayt Jibrin - بيت جبرين : <b>Wish You Were Here</b>. Freshly Cooked Khubiz/Bread, May 2000

Posted by BADIL Organization Uploaded on May 22, 2001
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Posted by محمد القيسي on August 23, 2015 #157039

الله اكبلا ، هذي عمتي ام بسام (ربيحة القيسي ) زوجة عمي المرحوم حلمي فياض القيسي الله يمد بعمرها ويرجعنا لبيت جبرين ..... آآآآآآمين .
best regards to all my clan AL-QAISSI who are the origin of Beit Gibrin were ever they are in Palistine , Jordan , saudi arabia , USA , eUROPE & every where >
Posted by امل العزه on May 15, 2013 #149917

الحاجه ام بسام القيسي (ربيحه حسين القيسي)مع اهل مخيم العزه واهل بيت جبرين اثناء زياره جماعيه في بيت جبرين 2000 نظمها مركز بديل
Posted by ابو يحي لافي on October 23, 2011 #138992

الله يحي بيت جبرين وعلى راسهم دار لافي والحموز والعنيد وابو زر والخاروف والعزه الافاضل والى روح المختار طلب العزه
Posted by david on April 20, 2009 #74651

i wish that we will go back home,the one we never see,but someday we will backkkkkkkkk
Posted by Hiyam Abu tarboush on January 11, 2009 #63177

I wish if we go back to live in my lovely town(which i never see it)
Posted by MOHAMMAD ALQAISI on January 2, 2009 #62014

Hi All my relatives

She is my ante to Rabeha Hussein al Qaisi & my sister mother in low .

This is Mohammad Saleh Fayyad Al Qaisi

Posted by hamoody on December 27, 2008 #61192

wahh rabiha al qaissi her daughter mai i think is friends with my cousin in the azzeh camp :)
Posted by Mohammed Al-Hmouz on January 10, 2008 #26894

ارجو تزويدي بصور حديثة عن بيت جبرين ولقاءات حديثة جدا مع الشكر الجزيل
Posted by alqaissi on July 16, 2007 #18201

to best of my knowledge this is my aunt, her name is rabiha alqaissi. she is living now in alaza camp in bethlahem
Posted by Mohammed Al-Hmouz on December 26, 2006 #12366

تحية لكم في أرض الصمود وكم أشتاق لرؤية تراب بلدتي بيت جبرين المشتاق محمد أحمد الحموز جرش - مخيم سوف