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Posted by نسرين مصطفى on FEBRUARY-22-2011 #130811

الله يجمعنا بأهلنا في وطننا فلسطين ويرجع كل المغتربين الى ديارهم
احبك يا فلسطين
احب سهولك والجبال
اعشق ترابك الطاهر
Posted by tareqkhader on AUGUST-27-2007 #19571

big big thanks to whom make our Village in web and will forword it to any one from our family to see our land keep going ya aben al3am
Posted by FORAT SULTAN on AUGUST-26-2007 #19517

Salam all...good to see the roots are resurfacing once again...i think my relos my have pics that would be nice to put up there..our house is still standing there with a yemeni Jew renting it from the Jewish government since we left the village and we've been there in 2001 and that was the case ..not sure about now though.
Posted by Abo ahmad on JUNE-17-2007 #17281

I never seen my village thank you four these pictures ,I hope i will see it soon , thanks Palestine rememberd
Posted by Khaldoun on MARCH-26-2007 #14583

I am from the town qubayba's it's very impressed by the site and wish to gather such information as well as pictures in a book to make it known to all the families of this town on this book .
Posted by Khaldoun on MARCH-15-2007 #14406

Al-Qbeba my Villages and I was impressed by this site and the information contained therein. At this moment, and found a book in Arabic talking about the devastating villages of Palestine, including Al-Qbeba .
الكتاب (موسوعة قرى فلسطين المدمرة) للكاتب أحمد أبو فروة الدوايمة .
Posted by mohammed suleman on FEBRUARY-25-2007 #14120

thank you for information & picture i"d like to more picture .
Posted by Fawwaz on FEBRUARY-22-2007 #14081

Today I run into this site and what a present finding I am so excited about finding this site , I am from al-Qubayba's and it؟s nice to have this village surfaced out of its ruins to tell its story , keep up the good work and in sha ALLAH more interesting facts and information will be coming out
Posted by Hani Abu Awwad on DECEMBER-20-2006 #12329

I'd like to thanks about this site and al-Qubayba is my village .
Posted by A.D.A. on JULY-29-2006 #11245

I'd like to have more information about al-Qubayba . Haow far is it from the coast ? what were the major sources of income in that village ?
Posted by A.D.A on JULY-29-2006 #11244

Dear Sir ,
I'd like to express my appreciation to your tremendous efforts to make available valuable facts about al-Qubaiba . I feel sorry that Al-Qubeiba young people of today do not provide this great site with information about the families who were driven out of their land in 1948 .
Thanks and regards
Posted by Ali on MAY-22-2003 #4118

Posted by Emad Esmail on MARCH-25-2002 #1506

I am highly thankful for your efforts for keepting good informations about my country Phalistine

Emad Esmail