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Map Of The Destoryed & Depopulated Villages In Hebron District



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many years
have passed,
many tears
have crashed,
many memories
have clashed,
But the truth
never changes,
it will cross
mauntain ranges
we are going back,
and thats the truth,
from the hearts
of childrens
and the youth.

all humans
have a country
to live in,
but, we, plestanians
have a heart,
that our country
lives in.

By: Red Prince*
Nothing has changed - only the truth has been lost - blood still cries out not for revenge but for justice. The promises of man are meaningless but the Promises of Creator stand forever.
we will nack to our country some day we will back to our cities and villges even thugh after one million years we will neve forget our land tjis is a promiss my big love palsyine