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Posted by بهاء ابو ذياب on JUNE-6-2010 #114648

my name is bahaa abu diab
im live in tulkareem camp

انا اسمي بهاء طالب محمد ابو ذياب من سكان مخيم طولكرم
بلدي الاصلي هي إجليل القبلية
والدي هو طالب محمد محمود ابو ذياب
واخوتي حازم وخالد و محمد
Posted by Essam Abu Diab on JANUARY-9-2007 #12499

Im Essam Abu Diab from Abu Diab family , our family used to inhabit in IJLIL before 1948 and after 1948 they moved to Qlqilya ,after that some of them stayed in jordan and the rest stayed in kuwait long time back . till now we have the documents that prove our properties of the land that our grand father Diab Khalil Suliman Abu Diab used to live in and those documents proves that the jewsh has no right in palestine . if any one have any further information i would be very happy to share it with him .
Posted by Awni Abu sneineh on JUNE-19-2006 #11028

This small village is mainly inhabited by the Abu sneineh family Haj Ali abu sneineh who died in Jordan in 1972, his sons and the rest of the family are scattered around the world but mainly in jordan. Haj Ali used to export citrus fruits to Europe befor 1948. His elder son taleb is still living in Jordan wishing at some stage of his life he will be able to see his land once again. for further information and stories obout this village please do not hesitate to write to me.
Posted by nasser AbuSneineh on JANUARY-13-2004 #5476

im from ijlil alqibliyya my familly is abu sneineh. and how know more information about my village pleass write to my.
nasser abu sneineh