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Jaffa - يافا : Jaffa National Christian Orthodox School (1938)
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Jaffa - يافا : Jaffa National Christian Orthodox School (1938)

  Uploaded on September 3, 2000

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Posted by edgar zarifeh on May 9, 2015 #156517

Another Mitri is Michel second on the standing witha flute. Hanna Is3eed, the famous pianist, carrying a bass is in the middle of the last row.
Posted by Munir Zabaneh on February 12, 2008 #28997

The man in the white suit is the principal Kamal Deeb at Jaffa Orthodox College. He moved to Beirut and started another private school there.
There are three Saadeh brothers. The one with the drum in the front row is Elias, the second row with the fluit is the oldest, Khalis, The one behind him to the left is the middle brother named Mitri. The family moved to Beirut.
The boy on the top left is Mueze Mitri, his brother is Michael and he is on the second row from the top the second one from the left.