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Jaffa - يافا : Jaffa's Tabeetha School
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Jaffa - يافا : Jaffa's Tabeetha School

  Uploaded on February 8, 2007

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Posted by Joseph Torossian on July 28, 2018 #159155

I was in Kindergarden and primary classes from appximately 1940 to 1947 under my mother’s name Joseph Vetrovsky or Petrovsky.
I was born in th French Hospital opposite my school ! My real father who had a restaurant and bar was located next to British Headquarters which was positioned between Telaviv and Jaffa. He died from an appendix rupture when I was 6 months old. Please contact me if you can. I will come early Novemer to visit you ...Zirak Torossian married my mother and adopted me later on. I was of
course happy about that! He was a good father. Now I am looking for his relatives....Kevork and David Torossian or whoever is left of the family in Jaffa.
I will try to find accommodation in Jaffa itself for 2 weeks and roam around the souls and little restaurants. Until then, greetings and seeing each other..Inshallah // Joseph
Posted by edgar zarifeh on May 9, 2015 #156508

This school is on Ajami street facing the English hospital. It stands southward after the Latin Church . The street dividing them goes to Deir al Aqbqt which owns the area until North of Jabal Araqtinji.
Posted by Salpy Yotnachparian on July 21, 2014 #154802

I attended Tabeetha between 1969 - 1979. I was born in Jaffa and moved to Montreal, Canada in early 1980. I have vivid memories of my school years and would like to connect with Irit Noah, Joyce Cohen and Tavassa Israel whom I often think about...
Posted by Zewotir D. Alemu on November 19, 2013 #153112

Greetings to all the Tabeetha family. My name is Zewotir Desalegn Alemu or preferably called "Ziku" for short and I hail from Ethiopia. I was a student of Tabeetha who started from nursery (1995) till third grade (2000), which unfortunately I had to fly back to my country for my Dad was a diplomat who worked for the Ethiopian Embassy and finalized his stay in Tel-Aviv. Along with me was my little sister, Eyerusalem D. Alemu ("Luna" for short), who also attended with me in the same school. I have lots and lots and LOTS of memories of this school that are still presumed to be alive in my world. I really really miss my teachers and the principal back then. I guess it's been precisely 13 years since I've heard from the school and forgetting could be the only misfortune that could jinx it for me. I remember my teacher Mrs. Anderson and the principal back then, Mr. Motorshead, and ofcourse my friends by that time who were Issa, Vikki, Nancy, Ibrahim, and I could list more. I would kindly like to seek keeping in touch with my very former teachers with absolute happiness with whomever who appeals to the memories I could share with. I believe that all my data and records are still kept in Tabeetha and I hope there would be some teacher who would look up to it and catch up with me. I am now a final year college student in Bangalore, India pursuing my bachelor of Computer Applications and I'm 21 years old now.
- Zewotir D. Alemu (Ziku) - (1995-2000)- Yes! That's me
- This is to the teacher who finds my picture and data and remembers me; my email address is
Posted by Fedor Kiraly on October 18, 2012 #146847

I was a student at Tabeetha between 1959 and 1963. I lived at the hostel that was about one kilometer from the school. I remamber miss Rosie and my maths teacher Mohammed who had a great influence on my life. The hostel was run by Miss Mcdonald. My best friend was Dodo who had a brother Edward. Dodo (not his real name) but that is what we called him. They were from Iran.Dodo was an absolute genius. Always got top marks. WHERE ARE YOU DODO ??? Another friend Roland Berger. He was was Hungarian. His father has a factory that recycled motor oil. If you read this, please contact me.I have wonderful memories. Anyone that recognises me and my sister Lucy, please contact us.
Posted by Darya Short on August 30, 2012 #145832

What a wonderful school with so many amazing memories. For anyone who is interested in joining the Tabeetha School, Jaffa Official Alumni page, please go to
www dot facebook dot com / groups / 411982568858304/ - remove spaces and add dots (.)
Posted by Michael Daly on May 7, 2012 #143645


I am looking for Sally Andrews who taught infants at Tabeetha about 1978-1981. Sally married (McLean?) and migrated to Canada. If anyone knows of Sally my wife and I would dearly love to catch up with an old friend. Just give her my email address:

Michael and Stephanie Daly
Posted by Aundrea Ehrlich on March 1, 2012 #142118

Hi my name is Andrea Ehrlich (from US). My brothers and I went to Tabetha 73 and 74 My brothers name are David Ehrlich and Skip Ehrlich. We would love to find some of our class mates Ky, Kadeem, Kristian and Leggia Rillos. We have kept in contact with the Holly's Deberah and Dan Holly (Canadian Embassy kids). I am back in Israel for the first time since 75 for work. Filled with a lot of emotion as I have very fond memories.
Posted by Cida on February 28, 2012 #142083

Hello all,
I'm from Brazil and I've been looking for a dear friend of mine whom I had studied with at Tabeetha school (from 1977 to 1979). Her name is Rita Yanarpaziani. She had a brother named Tico and a sister who had also studied at the same school. Are there any old students files?
Thank you so much.
Posted by earl on January 25, 2012 #141199

Hello distinguished alumni of Tabeetha School. My name is Earl Gidaya from the Philippines and I was a student there from 1970 to 1972. I am looking for my chassmates or anyone who remembers me. A few of our favorite teachers were Mr. Davis and Miss Kaplan. My email is - Food for thought - "what we are is God's gift to us. What we make of ourselves is our gift to God".
Posted by Mrs Blanche / Bianca KAPLAN on August 21, 2011 #137186

This is Tabeetha school on Yeffet street 21 in Old-Jaffa
A Christian Educational Institution with the Holy Scriptures
as main back-bone philosophy and idea.
John 17 :17 " Thy Word is Truth "
An all round Educational Institution.
A place we were formed for life in social standards, manners
and lots of know-how in all subjects in the English language.
An Academical Educational Institution.
With the idea and spirit of Live and let Live....
Posted by Mrs Blanche / Bianca KAPLAN on August 21, 2011 #137184

This is Tabeetha school on Yeffet street 21,in Jaffa-Yafo.

A Christian Educational Association,which also functioned or functions as a Church School of the Holy Scriptures.

I attended Tabeetha school on regular daily basis in the years 1966-1972.
At some period I was a good friend of Dan Don Johanson from Sweden.
I was also a friend of Lisa and Lili Damuni of the Maths Pythagoras class in the upper forms.

By the way I was born in the same hospital as Lisa so we were sort of soul sisters.

Tabeetha School in our days was a very special Christian Educational Institution/Association.

With the message of Live and let Live....
Posted by Marlar on April 30, 2011 #133582

I was in Tabeetha School from 1964-1968 and remember Michael Trokis, Beverly, Kenneth Gibson, Alex (Australia), Alex (Israel), Valentine (aka Ginger), Avraham, Bojko (Poland?), Vesselina (Bulgaria), Devorah, Cecil, David Jenkins and our most understanding teacher Miss Anderson. Head Mistress was Miss Rosie.
Posted by Janine Laura Bronson on April 15, 2011 #132850

I was at Tabeetha from 1973 to 1976 and remember Belinda Geffen, Bettina Brieger, Anne Marie, Mehrnaz Teymurian, Bruno Hoster, Ariane Fenton, David Kelly, Lan-hui Juan, Suzy Bah, Jackie Damuni, Maria Szklarska, Anayat Burghul, Luciano, Eddie, Fabio, Steve, Adam, Philip, Debbie, Ky, Judy, Kim, Yossi Moussa, Julie, and others... who's coming to the reunion from the 1970's this June? (Organized by Belinda).
Posted by Dan (Don) Johanson on March 21, 2011 #131820

I went to Tabeetha school from 1960-1972
With a few years away. I am from Sweden and I have a sister Yvonne. I know Blanche Kapland, Dicko & Kevork Torossian, John Sutton, Bruno Hoster, Andrew Johnsson, Marilisa Lise, Steve Vincent Vasques (Venezuela), Tom Hanock, Christine King, James from Seattle, Pupi Ariely, Aviva Peer, and many more
Posted by Erzsebet Kajtar on December 30, 2010 #128403

Dear All,
I was at Tabeetha school between 1962 and 1967. May maiden name is Erzsebet Schuszter, my classmates used to call me Erzeket,as they couldt pronaunce Erzsebet:-))
I am looking for anyone who remembers me , I was in Israel with my parents as they worked at the Hungarian embassy. I loved to be there. My best friend was Rosemary Hall, she was there from Scotland,
Best wishes
Posted by David Kelley on November 3, 2010 #125021

Hello all. I was at Tabeetha on and off between 1970 and 1974. I often wonder what happened to my friends from those days. I left to go to Cyprus and with the coup and the Turkish invasion I just lost touch. Best wishes to Bruno, Hans Ulrich, Anne Marie, Bettina, Baukje and especially Ariane. The staff were great too. I am now a teacher of Art History in Oxfordshire, England.
Posted by Aliza Cohen on October 15, 2010 #123719

1957-59 HeadMaster Mr. McAlister, students - Samir Jaffa, John Simmons Australia, Sean from Bradford England, Yvone BatYam. Is any one still there?
Posted by Claudiayeh on July 8, 2010 #117179

Hi, my name was originally Claudia Yeh, but now has been changed to Eliza Ye, though you can still call me Claudia. I was a student at Tabeetha from 1972 to 1976. My class teacher was Mrs. Aaron, whose husband Mr. Aaron was my private tutor when I first arrived in Israel. My class teacher in the 6th grade was Miss Androus, and my headmistress was Miss Mc Pherson.
I\'m looking for my previous classmates Legia Rillos, Carol Hoster, Anita Howling and Sven Schloesser. If any of my previous classmates see this and can contact me, that would be great !
Posted by Elizaye on July 8, 2010 #117178

My name was Claudia Yeh.Hi, I was a student at Tabeetha from 1972 to 1976. I'm looking for my classmates Legia Rillos, Anita Howling, Crol Hoster and Sven Schoesser.
Posted by Sinead Glover on May 16, 2010 #112584

Hi everyone. I studied here I think around 1985. I am from Belfast in Northern Ireland and I made so many friends here and had a brilliant time. I can hardly recall teachers names but I know I had a lovely time. Emiliana, Marigold and so many more!!!- get in touch if you know me. Im already on a nostalgia trip. Look at this picture!!! Its fantastic!!
Posted by Pedro Cordeiro on March 15, 2010 #106453

Hi everybody. My name is Pedro Espada Cordeiro and I´m from Portugal. I studied at Tabeetha School from 87 to 89 (Primary 7 and Form I)... I had a wonderful time. Made great friends. Victor, Morris, Hagop, Ramiro, Jose... guys, say somethig. My e-mail is Olá, Telma. Estiveste na turma de Form I em 89?
Posted by Miri on January 17, 2010 #101052

My brother studied in Tabeetha school. From 1954-58. He had hard time because he had to study in English and he was a young boy of 5. It was considered a very good school.
Posted by davina on October 24, 2009 #92906

I was a pupil at the Tabeetha school between 1971 and 1973 (aged 8 - 10). I remember this time so vividly and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me, especially Samantha East, who I think about often.
Posted by regina on January 2, 2009 #62000

I went to the Tabeetha School in 1978 and I'm looking for Irith Morel, who went to school there with me. She had moved to Israel from Zambia with her family. If anyone knows of her, I would like to contact her again.
Posted by Gupse Nogay on August 31, 2008 #50794

My name is Gupse Nogay and i too went to Tabeetha School in the years 1977-1981 and ofcourse had the best times ,sharing and learning as one big family.Hope to reach some friends ,had been searching via facebook but couldent find anyone :/ I am glad to have found this page. Lets keep in touch.
By the way hi Ahmet, i remember you, whats up???? :)
Posted by Telma Jorge on August 14, 2008 #49104

My name is Telma,and I am 31year old.
And I was a Tabeetha School student between 1989-91.
I from Portugal.I am looking for classmates from Tabeetha
and would be very happy if anyone answers this message.
Best wishes
Telma Jorge
Posted by Monica on May 14, 2008 #37960

I am looking for classmates from Tabeetha year/91.
Zlatka, the address is: 21 Yefet Street, Jaffa, Israel. Here is the school's website:
Best wishes,
Posted by Gianfranco Colliva on December 14, 2007 #25226

My name is Gianfranco Colliva and I went to the College des Freres in the 60's. I am looking for a girl called Batia Erlich, from Haifa, who went to Tabeetha in the late 60's. Last seen in Chicago in the 80's and, apparently, her name is now Barbara Harrigton. Any help given to trace her, is highly appreciated. Many of her friends are looking for her.
Thank you for any help.
Posted by Ozel on August 12, 2007 #19076

My name is Ahmet Ozel and I was a Tabeetha School student between 1977-79 from Turkey.I had the best years of my childhood there.The counrty and the school has left a great impact in my entire life,respect to all religions and races and the value of peace and human.Israel and Tabeetha lies in the bottom of my heart.
Posted by me.. on May 12, 2007 #15724

I am a current student at Tabeetha school and here's the school's website:
Posted by kalpak on March 16, 2007 #14426

This is the school I went to from 1961 to 1965. Although it is a long time ago that I was at school, I still keep happy memories of our carefree school days there. The nicest thing was that Tabeetha school made it possible to meet so many people from many different countries. Here I would like to mention that to a great extent the good atmosphere at school was due to the remarkable and outstanding personality of our headmistress Miss J.B. Rosie, M.A., M.B.E. I am looking for classmates from Tabeetha and would be very happy if anyone answers this message. Best wishes, Rumiana
Posted by Zlatka on March 14, 2007 #14399

My name is Zlatka and I am 52. I come from Bulgaria.I used to live in Tel Aviv from 1964 to 1967 and was a student at Tabeetha School - Jaffa. That was a great time for me. I had a lot of friends and we were in touch after I left but not for a long time. Very often I still think about them and would be very happy if anyone comes across that message and writes to me. I have tried to find the address of the school but it happens to be very difficult. Any contact with anyone from Tabeetha School would be great. Best wishes - Zlatka