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Jaffa - يافا : Water Well/Sabil Abu al-Nbut #1, before 1920. Matson Collection
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Jaffa - يافا : Water Well/Sabil Abu al-Nbut #1, before 1920. Matson Collection

  Uploaded on May 10, 2007

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Posted by lina on August 28, 2013 #152389

My grandpa says this is on the outskirts of yaffa. And behind it it has a beautiful garden with every kind of roses you know.
Posted by Samira Ishaq on March 8, 2011 #131312

ya walid ya ghoti tell your father with all my respect he is wrong as every body say yafa um el fakeer
Posted by nada on December 28, 2010 #128328

jaffa it s look like portsaid in egypt
Posted by Guy on September 10, 2010 #121136

This picture is looking to the east in the neighborhood of Salameh, a few km east of Jaffa old city
Posted by rabi3 on February 28, 2010 #105107

لا شيئ يكسرنا وتنكسر اليلاد على اصابعنا كالفخار

بأذن الله سنعود وسيرفع شبلا من اشبالا او زهرة من زهرتنا
علم فلسطين فوق مأذن وكنائس القدس
Posted by ابن يافا-المنشيه on July 11, 2009 #82665

ابناء يافا من أوفى الأوفياء لأصدقائهم ووطنهم,وأمتهم وشعبهم. لكن يبدو أن والدك غدر بأحد اليافاويين ونحن لا نحب الغدر ولا نفوت ثأرنا وحقنا مهما طال الزمن, والا لما كنا فلسطينيين وتهاونا بحقوقنا يا ( ألغوطي وليد)
Posted by yafawe on May 16, 2008 #38255

hada mkan estra7a byafa esmo "abo nabot" mawjod l7ad elaan