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Jaffa - يافا : Jaffa's old French School (Madresit al-Rahbat/Freir) in 'Ajami Street (1990s)
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Jaffa - يافا : Jaffa's old French School (Madresit al-Rahbat/Freir) in 'Ajami Street (1990s)

  Uploaded on January 3, 2001

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Posted by MARYSE LAIK on August 5, 2019 #159667

My name is Maryse LAIK and I was pensionary at the French School of Saint Joseph from 1962 to 1966. My teachers were S.Eugenie (teaching Maths), S.Theresa, S.Agnes, S.Frederique (teaching English), Mr Matalon and Mme Fahri. I met S.Eugenie in 1986 in Jaffa and a Irish sister in Jerulam working in the hospital.
I am looking after Jocelyne Fillin, Dolores Miras (Loli), Annie..., Dominique..., Gaya Alfassi and Leila...(Palestinian), Anne Philipp, Rose-Marie Abada in the classes of 6éme and 5éme. Thank you in advance if you know any of them
Posted by gbaer on September 26, 2012 #146287

A few British girls attended, too. One was name was Diane. One boy I befriended who attended was Jeffrey. He was Jewish. He and I sat on the steps and cried because, then, I believed in Jesus and he didn’t, and we were too young to know why our beliefs were set so tightly. It was at that very moment that I became aware that all religions have some worth, much like Joseph Campbell believes, and that we should all stay open to accepting others of different faiths. The floor tiles in the courtyard were large and checkerboard black and white.
Posted by gbaer on September 26, 2012 #146286

..or google the words Old Jaffa, David Pride .. and you'll find the link.
Posted by gbaer on September 26, 2012 #146285

Another picture of the school can be found by googling these words: David Pride, St Joseph school, Jaffa"
Posted by gbaer on September 26, 2012 #146284

I attended this school, St Joseph, from ages 7-8, 1957-1958. My parents were in the foreign service. Mostly girls attended but also a few boys. I attended St Joseph until the American School in Herzeliah opened. French was taught through Aesop's fables. It was run by nuns. Girls wore light blue pinafore uniforms with white collars and were taught French embroidery. Tamarind trees grew behind the back courtyard where we played during recess. When you entered the building there was a little shop or room where you could buy school supplies..copy books, sliding wooden boxes to hold pencils. After school let out, men selling fresh warm bread shaped like pretzels with sesame seeds, the bread in a large aquarium-looking container, atop his head. He would sell his bread to the children after school let out.
Posted by ام عبدالرحمن on April 26, 2008 #35975

السلام عليكم

لقد تحولت هذه المدرسة من مدرسة الفرير الى مدرسة "أجيال" الثانوية قبل عدة أعوام قليلة بادارة جلال طوخي
ومن الجدير ذكره بانه تبنى مدرسة جديدة لينتقل الطلاب اليها ولا أعلم مصير هذه البناية بعد نقل المدرسة الى مكان آخر ولكنها ما زالت تابعة للفرير!
النقل سيتم في السنة الدراسية القادمة
Posted by Gianfranco Colliva on March 26, 2008 #32808

Hi Odette. I went to the College des Freres during your years at the Soeurs. Please send me an e mail to; Might be able to help you. Who you know from those days? A lot of us are in contact.
Take care. Gianfranco Colliva
Posted by Odette Schwarz on March 23, 2008 #32605

My name is Odette Schwartz. In and about the 1954 I went to that school till 1966, I wase a pensionnat.The name of the school was, St, Joseph,French school, it's on Jaffa st, in Jaffa. I need my diploma, and I'm not sure haw to get it, do to the fact that the school has been closed for so many years. I realy need any one that can give me info. My e-mail is I have been in the USA from 1967. THX, and G-D bless......
Posted by Vera Schaul Eli on December 11, 2007 #25066

My name is Vera Schaul, I went to St Joseph from 1963 to 1967. My teachers were S. Theresia, S. Agnes and then Frere Michel. Does anyone have news from les jumeaux, Hugues et antoine Bernabucci?
Posted by Sylvia Mandelbaum on September 20, 2007 #20657

My name is Sylvia Mandelbaum Kronberg,I went to Pensionnat St Joseph(French school) from 1953 to 1964.I am looking for my school years from those years.
Posted by george on August 24, 2007 #19482

the person posted the picture is george mantoura ,that is strange that is also my name please respond to this email
Posted by george mantoura on April 12, 2007 #14962

I believe this school is where my father went while he was a young boy , is there a way to check with your help?
Posted by yudit ilany on March 1, 2007 #14201

Today this building houses the "Ajial" high school, a public school for Palestinian children from Jaffa.