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Jaffa - يافا : Jaffa's Arafeh Boys School which has been built by our grandfather Mr. Hasan A'rafeh
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Jaffa - يافا : Jaffa's Arafeh Boys School which has been built by our grandfather Mr.  Hasan A'rafeh

Posted by Karim & Khaled Arafeh  Uploaded on March 2, 2005
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Posted by חנאן סמנודי on June 19, 2012 #144585

וואי הבית ספר שסו גדלתי חסן ערפה היום עבר הרבה שינויים וחידושים
Posted by Sami Khoury on June 2, 2009 #78989

I studied at Hassan Arafe' 7th elementary scholastic year 1943/4 before moving to Thaqafa Secondary and later to Amiriyyah where we left Jaffa to Lebanon in '48. I remember the picture of the school very well.
Headmaster of the school then was Mr Abdul Latif Al Habbal, a Lebanese from Al Basta Beirut and he was a good friend of my father, Prof of English, Khalil Khoury who opened many classes of Matric for various schools in Nablus and Jaffa and later Lebanon. Al Habbal was very faithful to his friends and he spent a lot of time looking for us in Lebanon till he found us at Choueifat School and we celebrated a fantastic reunion.
Posted by Khalid Alabbasi on April 15, 2007 #15016

I was born in Kuwait in 1969, but my father was born in Yafa 1936. My family lived in al-Ajami just few steps up from the beach. There used to be a few large steps from the beach to the house. The four brothers used to live together, Hajj Hafez Alabbasi and his kids, my grandfather Sadideen Alabbasi and his kids, Eid Alabbasi and his kids and Ibrahim Alabbasi was the youngest of the four. He used to walk to Hasan Arafeh School everyday. It used to take him 10-15 minutes walk from home. He went to school from the 1st to 6th grade up until March 1948. They closed the school and gave everyone a graduation certificate. He remembers Ahmad Abu-Imaraa his Arabic teacher and Khayri Abu-Aljubeel his English teacher.
Posted by Khalid Alabbasi on April 15, 2007 #15015

My father Radwan Alabbasi left this school in 1948. This used to be an elementary and middle school all the way till the 9th grade. It has two doors in this picture, one in each side. Hasan Arafeh was buried in the back of the school. (al-Mudeer) of the school used to walk in the top floor. He used to watch late students who used to jump the fence. The left side of the picture is the theatre of the school. The left tree is called Keena tree. There used to be a syrian moving shop selling (Muhalabiyah) under this tree.