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Posted by bsaleh on MAY-17-2010 #112729

Dear brothers and sisters:

here is an article about Salamah I published in the Washington Report for Middle East Affairs about our homeland.

Salamat: Basel Saleh
Posted by نضال داود ابوشميس on JULY-27-2009 #84407

سلمه الباسله سلمه الاحرار سلمه الثوار سنرجع بإن الله قريتي الغاليه الحبيبه لك سلام مني عائدون ان شاءالله دماؤك تتدفق في عروقنا سماؤك تظلل عيوننا وستبقى انظارنا ترنوا اليكي
Posted by jafanet on JUNE-2-2009 #79039

تحية الى اهل يافا / سلمة الي سطروا معاني المجد و الشرف و الكبرياء
انا شخصيا اعتز اني من سلمة قبل يافا ... ليس فقط لتاريخا المجيد بل لاني منها ... و اصلي منها و اهلي منها ...
Posted by eyad.m on FEBRUARY-18-2009 #68003

تحية لأهالي سلمة الباسلة
Posted by alma baluntong on APRIL-29-2008 #36249

i like to know about arabic.
and i like to know about my friend there in india now working in dubai....
Posted by mohammad abu al-anain on MARCH-14-2008 #31736

تحياتى الى جميع اهل سلمه الباسلة
Posted by Darwish Abou Nassar on MARCH-3-2008 #30465

تيحاتى الى جميع اهل وطنى الكرام
وتحياتى الى جميع اهل سلمه(الباسلة)
Posted by ابو سلمان on JULY-17-2007 #18213

أنا من سلمة / يافا
امنيتي أن أرى بلدتي مسقط رأس أجدادي
واخشى أن تكون هذه الأمنية مجرد حلم بعيد
غير ان الله على كل شىء قدير
Posted by SAMAR on APRIL-23-2007 #15135

im one of salameh sons but unfortiontly i couldnt see my town my country att all ,, hope someday will be back in away to lead the nation
Posted by amer saqr on MARCH-26-2007 #14590

amer saqer from jaffa
Posted by amersaqr on MARCH-7-2007 #14270

i am from Palestine
Posted by Qusai_sa on SEPTEMBER-20-2006 #11641

hi mr fawaz firstly i like to thank ur efforts to do such athing i appreciate it but i think u dont have full information about us and about the famellies in salama olso the biggest library which we own about . i would be very very happy if u contact us at our web site at to get alot of salama families information or u can ask for abed al'ziz saqer (abu hatem) to give u the right pic about us . thank u again hoping to hear from u at our infi e-mail at the web site

yours sincerly
Qusai saqer
Posted by SAMI Al-Alem on AUGUST-18-2006 #11390

I just want to say hi to one of great Salama sons. God bless you.

Sami Al-Alem