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Salama - سلمة: The House Of Mustafa Abu Najm In 1987



Picture for Salama Village - Palestine: The House Of Mustafa Abu Najm In 1987. Browse 70k pictures documenting Palestinian history & culture before Nakba

Scanned from "All That Remains" by Dr. Walid Khalidi on December 26, 1999
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هذا منزل جدي الأكبر رحمه الله بسلمة قضاء يافا وهناك عائلات ابونجم من الرملة وبئر السبع وحتى مصر وسوريا وإنشاء الله سأحاول البحث واجدد شجرة العائلة
وعائلة سويدان من سلمة أيضاً
Does anyone know, how Mustafa abu Nijm relate to Ahmed abu Nijm, I believe they are either brothers or cousines...Ahmed is my grandfather. I have never seen him he died when he was in his early thirties long long ago....!

هادا بيت قريبي ياسلام على وليد الخالدي ياعمي بعرف الكبار ومواقعهم