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Salama - سلمة: Video Nakba Oral History Podcast: Interview with Muhammad Abu Hashiyyeh


Posted on March 31, 2008
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"1st Part" 2nd Part
Name Muhammad Abu Hashiyyeh
Year of Birth 1932
Interviewer Rakan Mahmoud 
Duration 504 min
Interview Date Feb. 25th, 2008
Episodes 9
Click here to view the 3rd part of this interview.

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This is a great efort by you and I hope you go on with your project that makes teenagers like me proud of their origin and makes the world know the truth of what really happened back in 1948 and the years before that , and using oral reports is a revolutionary idea I only wish your efots came sooner but better late than never anyway I thank again and I hope you keep on what your doing knwing that you are a row model to every teenager in jordan and the world stay strong!!!!!!!!!