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Encyclopedia Of The Palestinians: Biography of Ahmad Jibril
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on January 9, 2001

The below article is from Encyclopedia Of The Palestinians edited by Philip Mattar

Jibril, Ahmad guerrilla leader 1935 Yazur A graduate of Britain's royal military academy at Sandhurst, Ahmad Jibril reached the rank of captain in the Syrian army before being expelled during the first days of the 1958 Syrian-Egyptian union. He was in contact briefly with FATAH in 1965 before creating his own organization of commandos-the PALESTINE LIBERATION FRONT, which, from the end of 1966 to the beginning of the 1967 war, conducted a number of military operations against Israel. In December 1967, he joined the POPULAR FRONT FOR THE LIBERATION OF PALESTINE (PFLP), but he quit in November 1968, criticizing the organization for adopting extreme positions, losing itself in political debates, and not according enough importance to armed struggle. He created the POPULAR FRONT FOR THE LIBERATION OF PALESTINE GENERAL COMMAND, which became famous for its sensational military operations. Alain Gresh

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