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al-'Abbasiyya - العبْاسِيّة/اليهودية : مقام العباس
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al-'Abbasiyya - العبْاسِيّة/اليهودية : مقام العباس

Posted by farid haj yahya Uploaded on April 11, 2008
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Posted by عدوان حرب عليان ابو سنينه on July 23, 2009 #83953

اخ يا وطني تعجز الكلمات عنك يا الله ما اجمل منظر ابلادي اخوكم الفقير الى الله عدوان ابو سنينه
Posted by Ammar Elmousa on March 13, 2009 #70595

Having studied Hebrew I can decipher a bit of the sign on the tomb,

the top line reads : "grave of the lion of Yehuda"
The center line reads : "Yehuda bin Yakov our father"

to the best of my knowledge