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al-'Abbasiyya - العبْاسِيّة/اليهودية : مسجد العباسية
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النسخة العربية
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al-'Abbasiyya - العبْاسِيّة/اليهودية : مسجد العباسية

Posted by farid haj yahya Uploaded on April 11, 2008
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Posted by abu halima on January 22, 2010 #101564

inshallah god and our kids will bring it back to us , then all moslems will pray their real praying
Posted by saleh al hinti on October 5, 2008 #53814

satabqa hathehe el me2thana shame5a raghm ettahweed 7atta ta3ood islameyya wayorfa3 menha nedaa2 ALLAHO AKBAR